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On my son's humungous oil tank hog smoker, he has three chimneys, and a big firebox on each end of the 275 gallon oil tank. He put a pivoting flat piece of steel ontop of each stack (like old tractors & dozers used to have). He controls how much heat he wants coming from the left or right firebox by adjusting the pivoting plates on top of each stack & by cracking either the left or right firebox door. I never thought having to crack one or two doors open was a bad thing. It works good like that.

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well chicken is done and when i mean done I mean it was yum yum good lol very juicy and full of flavor ......im hooked.... tring to post some more pics but its not letting me now dont understand ill figure it out though
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On the barrel stove in my shop, we used a piece of 3/8" plate for the end. For the intake, we cut two half-circles leaving enough meat between them to drill a hole and thread it for a 3/8" bolt.

Then, we cut a piece of 1/4" plate into a circle which would cover the two half-circles of the end plate and drilled a 3/8" hole in the center. We then welded a 3/8" bolt on the top side so there would only be threads all the way to the bottom side of the 1/4" plate. This allows the two plates to butt up flush with one another to completely close off the air if needed. Weld a handle to screw it in and out to the top of the 3/8" bolt.

We are able to get more than enough flow to keep an insulated 40x60 shop warm with the barrel stove. It should be easily adapted for use on a smoker. You can also screw it all the way in and put the fire out if everything else is "air tight".
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