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The Cupboard was Bare...

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With Christmas coming I hadn't been shopping for a while given that I was going to head up to my Mom's for the weekend. So, the only thing I had left in the fridge was some Johnsonville brats. I fired up the Weber & cooked them up with some clippings from my apple tree (it wasn't a good year for the tree). I used indirect heat & I was amazed how well they turned out. Almost as good as a slow smoke. I served them up with saurkraut & yellow squash, yummy.

On the grill...

And on the plate...

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That looks really good.
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Love both of those...the squash and the brauts....looks like some real good eating.......
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Hey there's nothing wrong with that meal. Looks good from here.
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Looks good, I got gas just looking!
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love me some brats!!!!!!
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That is one of my favorites - a good brat with some good spicy mustard and a good beer!!
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