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I think that I finally figured out posting the pics.
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Good job on the mods. It should be ready to turn out some mouthwatering que. Now that you have the posting pics thing down, we'll be looking forward to more.
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Nice job on the mods. My Char-Griller is in the box, ready for me to put together and modify. I'll be doing many of the same you have. I like the space blanket! Where can I find one of those?
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Let's just say that I am not at liberty to discuss the origins of the space blanket.
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Geez, I print out the instructions, buy the extras, do the mods, figure out the Qview, post pics and I don't get no points! What's a guy gotta do around here? Okay, pics of the seasoning and first smoke gonna follow.
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Congrats on the mods. My mod parts are here next to my desk waiting for a weekend I have free. Soon, I hope - I can't wait to get started.
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Put mine together in the basement. It was too cold in the garage to work on it. Besides, I wanted to take my time and get it right, no rushing. Had to get my nephews over to haul it out. Also had to remove side burner and front shelf, but hey, it went together easier the second time around.
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