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First time Dudestrami

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Mrs Scar picked up a CBB for me so here we go with some directions from the Dude last nite

Here we are on the final rinse of 4 - sitting for one more hour

Will post more as I go
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You are going to be in for a treat!!!! I'm looking forward to your posts... PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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This is something that once you have it you'll never eat store bought pastrami again. I pulled min eout the smoke about 2 hours ago and it's every bit as good as everyone has siad it would.
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All right man! Way to go with that pastrami. What did you decided on for a rub?

Can't wait to see the finale.
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Here it is after 4 water changes in 8 hours
All rubbed up with
Old Bay
Pickling Spices - slightly ground
Montreal Seasoning
Will start the smoke in the morning before my 200 mile drive to pick up my Dad for Christmas
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Cant wait to see teh end of this one!!!!!!
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Oh man, another pastrami! Excellent, looking forward to the finished pics PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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They are sooo good... I am hankering for one right now!
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Wait a minute I thought November was proclaimed pastrami month. Oh well you can always do a dudestrami for sure. So thanks for posting the start but thats a tease so I cann't wait for the final product. and thanks for the Qview.
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Great start...I can't wait to get your final impressions and my Internet plate. Love pastrami!
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Soooo....you're going to fire it up then make a 200 mile drive, man that is a trip. At least the pastrami will be close to finished by the time you get back.
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That is one of the advantages of having an electric - LOL
200 mi on Christmas Eve - Yaaa Buddy
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Looks Great...
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Well Mrs Scarbelly hijacked the camera for a few days during Christmas to take pictures of the 9 grandkids so the qview is a little late.

Turned out great - there will be more in the future
Thanks Jay

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That looks awesome Jay. Great color. I've just added Dudestrami to the list. points.gif
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looks great!!!!!!!! one of the things on my list to do.........
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Add me to the list of point givers. Do you remember what the precooked weight was on that? You got a lot of slices out it.

Glad you liked it and glad I could help. Gotta give some credit to oneshot for deeming it the "Dudestrami" though. I'm not nearly that creative.

points.giffor a successful first pastrami!
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Can I have some Pastrami at my table please....points.gif
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It was about 4.8 lbs - I sliced it with my 15 year old Rival slicer. It is not one you want to use every day but works for small jobs

Thanks to everyone for the points and comments
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Congrats on the strami. Looks good, hope it tasted as good as it looks.

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