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Un-spiral cut suggestions:

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I'm doing a 13lb Shank Portion Ham and it is NOT spiral cut...

I want the smoke flavor to to get into this ham so should I do anything with it as far as cutting goes??

I was thinking of spiral cutting it by hand about ten times around just to allow cooking and smoke penetration... OR, should I just NOT do anything... (besides the usual rub of course)

Maybe I should shoot for longer than 3 hrs to get the smoke in there???
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Leave it alone and smoke away.
Just my two cents.
I think those spiral jobs get dried out.
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I don't want it dried out that's for sure!!
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I get good results using cheap Ham Shanks by leaving them in the smoker as long as possible in the smoke. Spiral Cut does dry out , and the smoke gets too harsh, but leave it in till it looks black on the outside(sort of). and the interior will be good.
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Cut any skin away, and score through the fat cap - but not into the meat. Rub your favorite rub down into the scores and smoke. I like to finish it off in a hot oven with a spiced honey glaze.... mmmmmm.
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I haven't done one that big, but my 7-9 pound Maple Bourbon hams are on hickory for 5-6 hours and are fully flavored. Doing a 10 lb one tomorrow.

I'd score it like they said and use a mop aftter the first hour or so.
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THANKS guys, sounds like you just made my job easier!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

That's why this place rocks!!
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