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Anybody bought sausage making stuff from Bass Pro Shop, and were they happy with it?
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I believe that bass pro carries LEM. So far as i know LEM is good quality. You looking at a stuffer?
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You talking equipment or spices and sausage making kits? I have not bought from BassPro, but Cabelas a few times, sausage kits that it. I would not say that I was disappointed with them, but I think the kits are pretty bland. Just my opinion. I would much rather make up my own spice concoction. Have bought and just bought more onlne, casings and have always had good luck with them.
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I was thinking about grinders, stuffers, and smokers.
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I dont think you could go wrong buying those things from them. They have a great reputation. However, right now, Gander Mountain has their 15# stuffer on sale for 129 bucks. 199 regular. Thats store price, not online price. I would think they would be on par with Cabelas. What kind of things or sizes are you looking to buy?
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I got a gift card for Bass Pro, haven't done any sausage but want to get in to it.
Not sure what to get.
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Well I don't know how much your gift card is, but I will say this. If you think that making sausage is something that you are going to like, then get the best equipment you can afford. It does not a huge chunk of change to get quality gear, but don't rush into it by buying a cheap grinder and stuffer as it will only frustrate you and you will end up buying it all over again. Maybe start piecing together some new toys. Unless of course the gift card will cover it all PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. Im sure others here have bought items from BP and can reccomend what they have to you. One thing for sure you must have, and that is a copy of Rytek Kutas's book, "Great sausage recipes and meat curing". The 4th edition. And I now understand that you can order the book and a DVD. Before any equipment, buy this book. You will be miles ahead of the pack if you do. A great read, not boring at all. In fact, your nose will probably be buried in it. Considered the bible among sausage makers.
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Meat Hunter thanks for the help, I've heard about the book and that is on my list of stuff. I won't skip on the quality of equipment. You have been a big help.
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I have an LEM grinder I bought at Bass Pro about 6 or 7 years ago and am happy with it. The stuffer at Gander Mountain is a great buy
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I have bought quite a few items from BPS. Mainly because they now have a Canadian location. To start get the LEM medium grinder. 750 watt I think. It comes with different grind plates, and a couple of sausage tubes. Also they have their own and LEM spice mixtures. I am really happy with the BPS breakfast sausage mixture. A little hint - add 1 cup maple syrup to 5 lbs of ground meat. A vertical stuffer is a must! A good quality knife is strongly recommended.
The following link is a good way to start:

Good luck.
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Have to agree

Meat Hunter gave some very good advice.

Buy the right tools, with the right quality and you wont be disappointed.

Buy a stuffer, do not try to use your grinder to stuff sausage, it works, but its not the best.

Grizzly sells a 5lb stuffer that folks seem to like, I chose the 15lb because of the steel gears. The lem 5lb is a real nice unit as well.
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I new to the whole sausage world here. I have heard of lem and they are really good grinders and stuffers too.
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I got my gas smoker at Bass Pro last year and so far am happy with it. I can certainly see myself upgrading in the future as I get better at what I do but no complaints at all!

Also been looking around for LEM sausage stuffer and these guys seemed to have the best prices:
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Thanks guys I think you gave some sort of idea where to start. I have managed to acquire a dead upright freezer, so I will probably be asking questions about home built smokers.icon_smile.gif
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I finally saved my pennies and got a #8 grinder from them last year. I love it. Before that I used a manual grinder, then a Kitchenaid w/ grinder attachment. I did a lot of shopping around and studying on the matter. For the $$$, the LEM is a great purchase. I was sad to find it made in China but it is a great piece of equipment. Especially good is the fact that they have all metal gears. The motor is top notch. I love it!
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I see you have a home built sausage smoker in your signature, you have any made out of freezer?
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