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Prime Rib and Yoshida question???

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Has anyone ever used Mr. Yoshidas on prime rib and then added their rub on top of that????

Where the heck is Ronp when ya need'emicon_question.gificon_question.gif:icon_questio n:
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Actually found some at Sam's this last weekend so I HAD to buy it! Going only by the finger taste test, I would use it sparingly given how sweet it is, but IMHO a little couldn't hurt.

For those of you who have only enjoyed Yoshida's via RonP's posts, it tastes like a very sweet soy sauce.

You gotta share with us how it turns out - I'm looking for a quarts worth of ideas!
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I tried last weekend and didnt like it. Ill stick to poultry with yoshidas myself. Just my personal taste you might like it.
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It is excellent on chicken but I would be afraid to try it on a Prime Rib icon_redface.gif
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It is way too sweet for my personal taste on anything but chicken or maybe some shrimp. Used it for years to make terriyaki chicken for our catering jobs. Let us know how it turns out
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Agreed. really good stuff, but prime rib is too tasty on it's own with just salt and pepper to put Yoshida's on.
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Thanks for all the input. I did taste it and I have to agree that it's to sweet to use on a prime rib. I'm gonna stick with putting on EVOO before the rub.
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If you sear it first it will carmelize the sugar and it will not be sweet. Gives a nice color without the sweetness.

That's just me though.
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Yoshidas at Sam

The sams club in Joliet only had the hawian sweet and sour.

What flavor do you use most Ron? Does Sams usally carry all three flavors?
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I'm with Rivet on this one to. I wouldn't waste the prime rib with adding a differant flavor to it. They taste just fine and if you are hard set on yoshida's then get some flank or something. Prime rib only requires salt and pepper and garlic in this household.
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I have used it on Jerky, it is sweet and has a liquor type smell, I plan on trying it with ribs 1/2 yoshidos and half barbecue sauce
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