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  Here is my favorite work table , a "Backyard Gear" they r8n appox. $150. ,(I found this one at a Garage Sale ).




                                              Light ,folds up to a 14X20X34 package and I frequently empty all my spices and tools , take it to the Car Wash and clean it with high pressure ,  then wipe down with disinfectant when back home.


This thing has two doors , slide out trays and bins , folds out to about 36" and has a trashbag holder ,towel holder ,  tool holders and is rollable. And Durable:icon_exclaim: .

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Hi all,
In any type of activity, there are the proper tools of the trade. I have only been smoking meat for a few months now, but have gathered a few tools that have helped me attain a certain level of efficiency. I'll list them below(of course some are very common, others not so much).

What I am really curious to know is what tools others are using that helps them in their cooking? This is not limited to tools either. Smoker mods, attachments, templates, or custom items are game too. I'm hoping that I can pick up a tip or two, especially as I begin to venture past chicken, pork butts and ribs.

My tools
Kitchen Shears (heavy duty scissors)
Various pans (8x10, 9x13, 13x17 etc all with about a 1/2-1"
Spritzer bottle
3 Thermometers
Several type of tongs (including an old-school one that will pick up about 15lbs without bending)
Some reused plastic bottles for holding rubs and spices
Work gloves for the smoker (handling hot items)
Pizza box tops ( I place these in front of the smoker so that nothing spills on the table to smoker is on when I spritz or adjust the meat(this was a big problem in the past))
Rib racks (store bought)
Heavy duty tinfoil
Wireless Internet Camera (pointed out the window at the smoker so that I can see what's happening with the smoke and if I need to add more chips (Highly lazy I know))

One thing I have realized, I really need a good cart. I intended on building one to hone some wood working skills, but also to get a result for all the things I personally want in a cart.

Feel free to share



I understand that you posted this 5 years ago but I have this things about tongs and it sounds like you have the kind of tongs that I like,  That would be the old school tong that can pick up 15 pounds without bending!  Can you suggest where I could find a pair like that?  Hopefully you can and hopefully it is somewhere that I can order on line.  Any help is greatly appreciated.




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Micco Performance makes what the call "The Fire Plier".  It is meant to lift/rearrange logs in a campfire but cleaned, coated with oil, and baked I think they would be safe for handling food.  Might need to reseason them once in a while.  I can't find a website for them but they are on Facebook.

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Do they look something like this?


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That would be Rob.

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Very cool.  I like the looks of those.  I may have to invest in a pair if I can find them.  this was on facebook and I didn't see anywhere to order them.


Thanks agian,


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