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Tools of the Smoke

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Hi all,
In any type of activity, there are the proper tools of the trade. I have only been smoking meat for a few months now, but have gathered a few tools that have helped me attain a certain level of efficiency. I'll list them below(of course some are very common, others not so much).

What I am really curious to know is what tools others are using that helps them in their cooking? This is not limited to tools either. Smoker mods, attachments, templates, or custom items are game too. I'm hoping that I can pick up a tip or two, especially as I begin to venture past chicken, pork butts and ribs.

My tools
Kitchen Shears (heavy duty scissors)
Various pans (8x10, 9x13, 13x17 etc all with about a 1/2-1"
Spritzer bottle
3 Thermometers
Several type of tongs (including an old-school one that will pick up about 15lbs without bending)
Some reused plastic bottles for holding rubs and spices
Work gloves for the smoker (handling hot items)
Pizza box tops ( I place these in front of the smoker so that nothing spills on the table to smoker is on when I spritz or adjust the meat(this was a big problem in the past))
Rib racks (store bought)
Heavy duty tinfoil
Wireless Internet Camera (pointed out the window at the smoker so that I can see what's happening with the smoke and if I need to add more chips (Highly lazy I know))

One thing I have realized, I really need a good cart. I intended on building one to hone some wood working skills, but also to get a result for all the things I personally want in a cart.

Feel free to share
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A comfortable chair with a beer holder....

Nice list you have....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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A massaging chair with a beer holder. Then a new smokers with a built in refrig (stock and never emptied) and a portable heater/air conditioner. Then all you would need is a on call butcher that carries only the best cutts of meat at your beakin call. I think they call this place Heaven.
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Charcoal chimney
Long neck butane lighters
Heavy leather, welding type gloves
Heavy salad forks or claws for "pulling" pork and beef
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Mulepackin' beat me to the charcoal chimney and "bearclaws"~

Another great tool is a long-handled metal spatula that helps turn over or rotate (if using an offset smoker) butts, briskets and large cuts of meat without the tongs digging into your rub.
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What makes a good Spritzer bottle?

crap, I forgot I got to get a new charcoal chimney before tomorrow, I already went threw my first one...
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I got mine from the Ace Hardware. You can find them at wally-world too, go to the cleanser's aisle at the hardware store and they have new empty generic trigger-pump squirt bottles for around $2. Jus wash it out and ou are set.
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I went through a couple less expensive sprayers before I got one like this, it was like 12 bucks.

I like it much better than the others.
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Well, I might as well join in. First what I use now,
Fire starter bucket
long lighter
strong restaurant grade tongs
thick BBQ glove
wireless meat thermometer

And now what I have let sit in a kitchen drawer
Big fork
many sets of small weinie tongs
clogged and melted injectors
spray bottles
fish baskets
grill things that hold small crap on the grill
rotissirie (used twice)

I'm getting back to my east central alabama BBQ roots. Generations of experience using holes in the ground and things like that.
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5gal food grade brining bucket.
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I second the internet camera, nothing makes for an easier smoke, point it at the smoker and thermometer...good to go.
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AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Rivet, Rick, I just came from ACE Hardware. tonight was WW night and there is also an ACE right next door to the Applebees....

GRRRRRRRR.... you guys posted this while I was gone doing my wife support duty... Oh Well, I guess I get to go back in the morning... biggrin.gif

Thnx for the info PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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-sheet pans
-plastic wrap
-hot pads/oven mitts
-(1) oven therm for the smoker rack
-garbage bucket
-ash bucket
-chimney starter
-digital camera
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a set of heavy duty meat forks, (pampered chef), bear paws, heavy gloves, propane torch.

I would have to disagree with the camera for myself. I really enjoy being outside watching the fire with a stiff drink and a few friends. To me it is a big part of the smoking experiance.

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This Place! PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Just some of the immediate items I could come up with...

The pastry bag for filling peppers for ABTs
pocket therms
hotdog racks to make custom holders for ABTs and other things
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Anybody know what kind of injector is a good yet mildly priced one? I bought one off amazon and the friggin thing is such a POS. Also i have a digital thermometer with the long wire. Do i let that sit on the grate for smoker temp or can i stick it in whatever im cooking up for internal temp?. Do you think its worth it to buy two. For when im doing one or more meats?
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I have a dozen or so of injectors, they all have a screw in tip (important) but the key is a glass injector not plastic! if you put warm liquid in it (think Butter) the body of the injector expands and the tip blows out spraying everything everywhere! (speaking from experience) you can get them cheap enough from any kitchen supply house. if all you do is cold then a screw in tip/plastic plunger works fine.



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A vacuum bag sealer, plus bags. Great for storing meat after it has been smoked in single meal sizes. I smoked 16 pounds of pulled pork, stored it in 8 bags of 2 pounds each.  Prevents freezer burn.  Toss the bag into water heated a bit cooler than boiling (170 F) and rapidly take it from frozen to piping hot without losing moistness.  Also great for vacuum sealing rubbed meat, which improves the flavor absorption.  Great for holding meat in a brine solution, and then you toss the bag in the fridge (takes up less space than a big pot or bucket for brining.  If you end up getting into Sous Vide an absolutely needed item. 

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