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Aging beef before smoking?

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Does anyone ever age their meat before smoking it? I would think that would help intensify the flavor, just not sure if that would kind of restrict some of the smoke flavor from being absorbed and making a decent smoke ring. I've heard of some people aging beef for even just a day or two in the fridge unwrapped, or wrapping and tying beef in cheese cloth to let it age.

Anyone ever give it a shot before smoking?
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Several here have and all report good results. Here is a thread where RonP tired it:

Another link courtesy of erain:
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I have a fridge i can keep at 38 degree with 50% humidity...I wrap and change cheesecloth instead of towels.I have been aging my 6 pound prime rib since sunday-for friday.

I have probably aged beef 50 times this way....

My last rump roast went from 4 pounds to 3.5 pounds in 6 days and was just fantastic and juicy....

Very important IMHO to have a dedicated fridge where you open door only to change cloth and you can maintain proper temps/humidity...They have special meat lockers for this thing on a large scale etc...
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How do you maintain/measure the humidity in the fridge? How much do you have to trim of the dried outside before smoking or is that necessary only before serving? Does cheesecloth work better than towels?
Thanks for your help! :)
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I have a digital fridge thermo with temp/humidity they sell for fridges and freezers...I will look for a link...Cheese cloth is cheaper then towels for me.Longer aging with meat with thicker fat caps would require trimming...The roast beefs and rumps or my christmas prime rib it is not as necessary...The fat cap thinner and melts away while cooking.I have an old philco that doesnt defrost in the freezer part and it maintains the humidity i need.I have stuck pan with hot water in the freezer part to humidify the air befor,but this ancient unit holds pretty steady.

I think even after 5 days it intensifies flavor.I know i lose a bit of water weight.I like the effect,but would recommend for things other then say a single steak.The high dollar steak houses do it to the whole cut of meat and trim to size as needed...
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Alex - how bout some pictures and a tutorial?
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Yea Alex I would like it too. Since you have done so many and I want to do some please help a brother out. I also have a dedicaded refrig but I have to get the thermo/ humidty meter and then I'll be ready for the aging beef thingy.
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