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I bought my Tel-Tru therms from Here . Good prices and customer service.
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Thanks RickW. I'm going to check it out.
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thx....not sure of the model but it is a 3" glow in da dark cus i can't see to well at night and i think i pd around $50.
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What are the dimensions of your modded charcoal box?



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not sure but i can measure it tomorrow for you if it ain't raining....the key is to make it as big as possible but to still be able to get it out.

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Ya,...please do.  I joined the BarBChef club tonight, although I have the Horizontal firebox.  Also, it would be nice to see your tuning boards and baffle inside the smoker too.  Take a few pics and post them.  Thanks!



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Another question,...


What did you use to clean up the handles with?  Your BBQ handles look kinda shiny so I am thinking you used some sort of chemical spray.




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pretty sure i just painted them........not only di it rain it actually hailed here, i'll get some shots up on my next day off (thurs).

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How did you season your smoker to rid it of paint smells and to sanitize it? 

The forum here, suggests 3+ hours at 300+ heat,... wasn't sure what you thought about it as I believe I am using the same Rustoleum Hi Temp paint as you.


Would appreciate your recommendations when you get a chance.





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i just ran a test smoke.........also i did not paint the inside. there is no real need to sanitize since the smoking temp will be well above 200 deg. ifyou did paint the inside just season it with a good test smoke....

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