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Nice job, looks like new!
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Looks great!

Great job! Like an earlier post, has me wanting a "project" smoker now!
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did you paint the inside?
if you did what kind of paint did you use?
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Great Job on the restore, Nice step by step Qview...points.gif
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igolf2 - like billbo said...that's where i got mine from.
carnuba - yup....i used rustolium high temp with a spray gun. i will start to season it tomorrow.......
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i'm in the the middle of a restore and
wasn't sure about painting inside
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The "new" unit looks great. I just reworked my old Brinkman Smokin Pit by adding a fire box to the side and a general overhaul like you completed. I was especially interested in the way you raised the grate in the fire box. I think that is an idea I will use to modify mine. Thanks for posting the step by step.
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went with this instead........
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Excellent job! Great mods.
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well i seasoned and smoked on it and it works great!

found some pecan at a local wood yard.........for those in the phx area look up "barry bros".....

not too bad of temp differencial........

fire box side.....

smoke stack side........

ready to smoke...but that's another thread.
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So how do ya like the tastes of the meat when using wood?
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That's a beautiful resto job..Been looking for something like that on craigs;ist for a couple of wks now. I'm jealous..Enjoy.
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did some thighs and the girlfriend said they were the best ever!
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Outstanding refurb there, Sir!!!!
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just installed the last piece for the refurb, baffle, tuning plates and now a new thermo......

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very nice job!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Are you gonna leave us all hanging without pics of those last mods & baffels? Us un-handy guys are REALLY wishing we were right now
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Why did you take pics of a brand new smoker and pretend it was the one from the first pic??

But seriously..My question is, without a paint sprayer, can I get a similar coat w/ a brush or a can of spray paint?
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terry, the baffle and plates were real easy, i just got the metal sheets and trimmed them to fit....i'll try to get pics for ya. did you get the PM bout that smoker in tucson?
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WOW! that's really impressive work there Chefrob. I just started scraping rust and gunky stuff off my smoker with a wool cloth and scraper tool but after looking at the before and after pictures, I'm going to opt in for a full restoration. Thanks for posting this link on my roll call post btw. What model Tel-True thermo do you have? I have been looking for pair of those on Amazon and understand that they go for about 50 bucks each. how did you pay for yours if you don't mind me asking? I just ordered a Maverick redicheck remote wireless smoker thermometer but I still want to able to check the levels of heat on both sides of my smoker :)
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