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High temp wood burns fix

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I have a GOSM which I generally love, EXCEPT that when I smoke a big load, like I did today (two 13.5 lb turkeys) I can't get the temp up where I need it (above 225) without the wood burning. I am going to figure out a mod to go to 275 - 300 and be able to keep the smoke. Has anyone already figured this out??
jdr37 down in Florida
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I have had good luck with putting 4-5 partially lit charcoal briquets in with my wood chunks and putting on the lower rack.
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Increase distance between wood and flame, also cut off air to wood, so you dont get total combustion.
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try filling your water pan with sand instead of water, you'll get better heat
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Bingo thats the first thing I would try fill the water pan with sand and then foil over the top of it and try that
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Not sure if sand is the total answer, but it does help attain higher heat. My GOSM will hit almost 350ยบ using a coffee can with holes poke in it. A few charcoal briquettes, some wood chunks and my lower vents almost close will work. Even then, I sometimes see the wood burn alittle......but don't let that bother you. Keep on smoking.
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Are you asking how to get the temps higher than 225, or are you asking how to keep the wood from igniting at temps above 225?

If you are asking the latter, are you using Chips or chunk.

You should be using chunk wood and if it still is igniting, raise the chip box higher above the flame and/or use a heavier chip pan like a cast iron pan.
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