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First Sausage (Andouille) Qview attempt.

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Sausage before smoke.

After 5 hrs .

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That is some great looking sausage...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yeah, the QView worked.

Anyway, thanks for all the help on this site.

I plan to brown/cook one of these up tonight to try it.
My cajun Mother in Law taught me to brown the sausage in a pot with some water to make a gravy, then we serve it over rice.
That is when we are not cooking it in Gumbo or Jambalaya.

I hope to post picks later...
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Nice job. I like your dowel racks too. Boy they look good.
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I cut the dowels to length, then notched them so they don't slide off by accident when I move stuff.

BTW: The sausage seems to be taking it's time getting to 152 deg.
I started off smoking at about 130 and worked up about 10 deg per hour. It has been about 5 hrs and the sausage is only at about 120 deg. (Smoker at 172).

Oh well, a little patience.
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Also, you can't tell from the picture but I have a 6 x 8 tile along the right back side of the MES to help with the hot corner.
I also have 4 6x6 marble tiles in the water pan. They are pretty thick and I think have helped stabilize the temp in my MES. Seems to get back up to temp pretty quick after I open the door. Even though it is about 35 deg out.
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Mmmmm....that sure is pretty.
Andouille are among the top of my favorite sausages.
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Man that looks good..I can almost taste it...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great looking sausage there. I can almost taste it. I don't remember anyone posting and Andouille in a while.

points.giffor a great job on these.
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Nice looking sausage! Do you have a recipe, or was it a mix? Last year chorizo, this year andouille. Be patient on the temps, sausage will stall just like Q, it you try to rush them you can end up cooking the fat out, drying and shriveling them up. My last batch of salami and summer sausage took 19 hours. Keep us posted.
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Man those look good - this is my next project after Bacon
Thanks for the great post
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Final Pick when done

Looks good.
Tastes pretty good also.

Although, the recipe I used from the web added some Thyme to the sausage. I think it added a taste to the sausage that I am not thrilled with.
Should have known not to add it, since I have some Andouille in the freezer from a small town in Louisianna and it only lists Bl Pepper, Cayenne, Garlic, Salt and Cure in the ingredients.

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Well done, looks tremendously tastey !!!

I use the andouille premix from Curley's, it is very good - http://stores.curleyssausagekitchen....%2C/Detail.bok

Recipe -
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