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You are a determined smoker for sure.
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FIU - what dedication! Either that or the fridge must have been really empty. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

I don't think I could shovel 10 ft of that mess, much less over 200!

We done, fella. points.gif

Good looking q too! If you're gonna stay up there in snow country, you gotta move than darn smoker closer!!
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fire, you moved up several notches in my book, either you really dont get along with the wife or you got to much goin on in the house, but to dig a path that far to the smoker in the snow hats off to you. love those peckers, i made a batch and took em to the catholic chuch fair and labeled the lid with big sharpie PIG PECKERS they went quick and were the talk of the crowd.

by the way, if you drinl to much out there do you get lost going back to the house?
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Another great thread there Jim....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Not gonna touch the pecker jokes/thing though!!!!
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The property has been in our family for so many generations I could walk around it blindfolded by now.
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Well seeing as how this is a family oriented forum and we really want to keep the porn spammers off this site, please can we refrain from using such words as p@@kers. Porn spammers use search engines to look for sites that have words such as this and other body features posted. When the find such a site, they will try to dump as much of their smut as they can before they get caught and given the boot.

We have been fortunate in the fact that we have been able to keep such scum from posting here, but there is always that one lucky pig that some how makes it past the filters.

Your co-operation in keeping this a porn/spam free site is greatly appreciated.

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points.gifThose are yummy looking eats
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X's 2!!!!!!!! i live in AZ for a sir are an animal.
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Well, that's what you call wanting a smoke. I've seen guys with the cig habit not go to that lenght to get a smoke. One might have to wonder if the wifie my have given him the boot. icon_smile.gif Well at any case I want bring up the p-word, but they was some good looking p-word thingies. Gonna have to try some of those, when I get home.

Great looking Qview PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif.

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Anyone have a clever alternative name we could use instead, pork pickers, pork sticks, sausage wands...I'm not sure.
I liked the original name but you make a really good point Dutch and if you feel the name of the thread should be changed as well I'm perfectly fine with that.
Last thing I want to be responsible for is bringing spammers and the likes to the site.
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I gotta make me some Pig Peckers!!!!!!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Even your DOG was amazed at all the work you did for this smoke!!! points.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif good job!!!
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Hog Weenies?
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I was thinking Pig Cicles but isn't that a name of one of our members on the site

Thanks eaglewing, that was Guinness or as we more commonly refer toher "The Mule" or Muler.
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Snow path, cold temps, fantastic smoke, and great Q-View all = points.gifThanks for sharing...
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I fired my Weber with some lump charcoal (first time I had used it and it worked well) and some hickory chips for flavor and cooked it all indirectly. Thank you for the inspiration and the idea for these. I did up 3 dozen pig peckers last night and a fattie. All of it was a hit with my friends and they were begging for more! Amazing how well these go with a few Bud Lights!! Thanks again! Larry, Wichita, KS.
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