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my nuts

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smoked about 8 pounds of nuts.
soaked in salt, brown sugar and molassas then hickory smoked.
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You know, I have wanted to do some smoked nuts ever since I frist them when I joined this site. I would buy them, but I ended up eating them before they made it to the smoker LOL. I think after looking at yours here, this is a must do smoke for me. Great job, they look fantastic.
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everybody that has tasted them has loved them. The only problem I have is the cashews not getting crunchy, some of them are soft. I might try doing them seperate and leaving them longer.
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Great job nightowl !

I guess if we want to smoke 8 pounds of nuts, we have to buy 16 pounds ?

Meat is easier to smoke, because you can't eat it all raw before you get around to smoking it. I know, you can eat it raw, but you shouldn't !icon_wink.gif

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Man those look good. I've never tried them, how long and what temp did you smoke them?
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225-250 for 2 to 2.5 hours.
Like I said the cashews were not that crunchy. I think I will do them seperate next time and leave them in longer.
The first i did cashews they were store bought and already salted. I found raw ones and used those this time.
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That looks tasty.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I think that recipie sounds real good on cashews.   Mike

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