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Christmas Ham

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I picked up a partially cooked whole ham from the butcher. We want to eat it sliced cold on Christmas eve. I'm thinking of giving it 3-4 hrs of additional smoke today and then finish it in a roaster (foiled or not?) to 160 degrees. Then cool it tightly wrapped until Thursday night. Does this sound feasable or would it dry out too bad? Thoughts?
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It would work just fine that way but I recommend the Maple Bourbon recipe that is in the pork section.
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Jeff has a video that he did on smoking ham, take a look.
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I haven't tried the maple bourbon recipe yet but Tony Chachere's Praline Honey Ham injectable marinade is very good. I've injecteded it in hams then I coated with a maple syrup, brown sugar, and rib rub. And I've injected the ham and basted the outside with it during the last 30 minutes or so. Both ways were worked well and kept the ham moist.
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was curious to how long these precooked hams will last in the refridgerator. I have one to smoke but wasnt sure as to how long i could wait to do it. Thanks.
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Last ham i double smoked it recommende re-heating to 150 degree on package.I used apple/peach wood and it was nice.I glazed last 20 minutes twice.
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I also followed Jeff's recipe but that was for a precooked ham.

Did you take it out of the package, if not check what the sell by date is on it. Many things you can go past the sell by date and use but meat I tend to follow pretty closely. Since the ham is cured it should be good for a while.
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I have never done one either. But I will be tring one this coming christmas morning so I'll give you a ow to and what evers later.
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