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new toy

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I just had to make one. 3x12 inch pipe with a movable damper .
I put about 2 cups of chips in it see how it worked and it smoked for about 3 1/2 hours with the damper almost closed off . Going to make some for some friends . Best thing is I don't think I going have to use an air pump Merry Xmas to you and My buddy that told me about this forum ( pics are rough shape and final paint)
My wife calls it the flux capacitor lol
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"Going to make some for some friends "

How are you doing ole buddy, ole pal.

LOL..Great job...and as you stated no airpump is a bonus.
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Do you have any plans for one?? I would like to try making one without the air compressor attached to it like the smoke daddy.
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I used a 12 inch long 3" pipe and 3 5x5 1/8 " plate and a 3/4 " x 8" pipe , 3 5/16" bolt ,nut, and washers
welded the nuts to the 3 " pipe to hold the damper and a lid on (2 for the lid and 1 for the bottom damper) drilled a 1" hole 1" from the lid end (top) to put the exhaust in and welded it in. drilled the plates to match the
nuts welded to the 3" pipe put the bolts in and used a cut off wheel to trim the sqaure plates to the shape of the pipe.
to mount made slotted holes in another plate to slide over the exhaust and welded it so I can take it on and off my mes to clean
I can post more pics but haven't got the Qview to work or i can email them to you Dave
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rhino70 check your messages
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I have seen a aquarium pump used as well....Nice work!!!!!!!!!
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Hi there ole buddy ole pal where have you been I haven't seen you in years. Didn't we go to differant schools together. No that a nice and is it very hard to make cause I need one for some of my sausage low temp smokes. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifCan you send me a drawing on them or something that shows me how you mode it.
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So far it's worked great as long as I get the main pipe warm it stays smoking and I just make sure I keep the propane torch on for a full
minute ,starts drafting good . If I put saw dust in it,it might need a pump
but so far I'm more than happy with it!
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Sounds nice but the thumbnails are too small to view for us older folks...
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got some more pics ya can post for us to see.
i built one a while back and have trouble keeping it going.icon_rolleyes.gif
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ok tried uploading pic again and the wife says it's a problem with my computer and no I can't use her laptop .So here's a link to view them
I've used it to smoke a bunch of cheese and a small ham on my mes and it works great . pulled out the chip loader and put in thru the chip loader hole
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Thanks Pineywood My wife thanks you too, she still hid her laptop tho
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