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Hi Mountain Whiskey Pepper

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Saw this in the sporting goods section at Walmart, and was intriqued by the sound of that , so picked it up and grabbed a small 1.5 lb roast. Carefully weighed and measured all ingredients, meat marinated alittle longer than directions stated, due to the fact that I had to work yesterday. So it marinated about 36 to 38 hours. Put it on a rack and in the oven at 170 ( low as oven would go) propped door open, and let it go til it was about the dryness I prefer. I am not displeased with the results, but there is definitely room for fine tuning. The salt flavor is alil more than I prefer, and the whiskey ( crown royal ) flavor didnt really come through at all, and there was less pepper flavor than I'd like. Any one have any suggestions?
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Crown, while tasty in a mix or by itself, isnt the best choice for flavor in food. Id go with Jack Daniels or Wellers Special reserve.

Possible add a little sugar to offset the salt and add pepper.

As a side note, the next time you make or the wife makes Meringue for a pie, substitute the vanilla extract with Jack Daniels.
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You had me going on this one.. you can always tweak it till it's where you like it. Good luck and happy holidays to you and your family.
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I mix CR with Milk to soak deer steaks in all the time, then into the breading pile and onto the hot grease, they come out awesome. However I beleive this particular recipe would most definitely benefit from the charred oak essence of JD, May have to try that next.
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I think I would use a sweet jerky recipe and then I would soak it in the jack probably 24 hrs also need to cure it probably about 1/4 to 1/3 cup would do 2 pds plus
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