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Too Bad they can't salvage some of this.

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This is needed, but a shame to waste all of that pork. That guy in the heli can shoot.

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That guy can shoot.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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I would bet that the farmers who's properties were used for this culling are picking up the dead pigs and putting them to good use via food banks etc. or perhaps to their own use.

Here in the Pittsburgh area when deer are culled from communities the dead deer are donated to food banks. Hopefully the same is done in Texas.
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A friend of mine works at a place that needs to hve the wild hog taken out b/c they have just over run the place. Maybe i should give him a call. wild pig bacon anyone?
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Hey Autoferret, if you need any help with those wild hogs let me know. It is not a long trip from Delray and I love wild pig meat.

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It would be nice if they did get the meat and do something with the meat. Yes that boy can shoot but i would like to see the meat go somewhere.
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My buddy shot a wild boar in Texas this fall, they said the meat is not very edible and talked him out of butchering it.....and he will eat just about everything.
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We used to hunt those things with my American Bull Dogs...You wanna talk about an adrenaline rush walking up to a live crazy boar and stickin with a knife while your dog is holding it...wuuuuh !!!
and that guy can shoot something fierce
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