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Cheezy Pork-U-Pine--no points for presentation! (pics)

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After seeing some of the great rolls many of you have created, I decided to try adding cheese to my Pork-U-Pine. I accomplished this by trying to wrap a couple of slices of provolone around the link before placing it in the loin.

It didn't work very well, the cheese wouldn't slide into the loin with the link. So, I had to push it in the rest of the way between the loin and the link with my fingers. The end of the loin was gapping open more than I liked, so I tried to use toothpicks to close it up better. I probably should have bought some twine.

I also had a bit of loin left over. I butterfly sliced it and put it in with the pork-u-pines. It was lunch, along with the leftover hot links and a full chicken breast (not pictured--they were in the other smoking chamber).

When panning up the meat after about two hours on the grill, I noticed some of the cheese was trying to come out of my incision.

The cheese looked like a coagulated mess, but was delicious. The hot link flavored it well.

Much of the cheese stayed in, but I didn't feel like it was enough that you could really tell it was there when eating. I will have to figure out a better way to get the cheese uniform, as well as closing the incision to where the cheese stays inside.

Again, the end result tasted good enough. The cheese that came out tasted amazing. But, no points for presentation if I had been in a contest. I may try again next Tuesday when the fire fills the box once again.
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Nice Qview! points.gif
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Looks delicious to me! points.gif
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That looks delicious. points.giffrom this guy!

I have to wonder what a stronger cheese like a swiss or a gryure (sp) would taste like. It sounds like it would pair well with the loin and the sausage. Gryure melts really nicely too.
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Very nice, hadn't thought of that way off stuffing a loin, now the wheels are turning. biggrin.gif

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It Sure Looks Delicious. points.gif
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icon_mrgreen.gif Looks great. The first picture looks a little obscene, you know?
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I almost tried the swiss instead of provolone. My other thought was to buy some of the mozzerela string cheese sticks. I could have pushed them on either side of the link.
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Nice smoke Dirt Guy.
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Very cool! Never seen that before! Nice job!
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I'm with the rest of them here. Looks Great and points.gifreally are needed.
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Is the sausage homemade? If so, you could put some high temp cheese into your sausage rather than trying to wrap it around the sausage after the fact.
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No, it's an uncooked hot link I get from the local butcher/locker plant. He does make a nice jalapeno/cheddar link I could try in there.icon_wink.gif
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Hell, if he makes it himself, ask him to make a special batch just for you with the cheese in the sausage. Worse case he says no. PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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