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snack sticks

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Ok not sure if they would be the same thing or not but for now it will work for info. I just put in 8 3' links of hot shots into the smoker. How long about will they need to be in I dont want to split the skins on them. PLEASE HELP!!! I will add the qview in a few. and more when they are done.
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qview as promised.
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I smoke my snack sticks @ 100 for an hour no or little smoke
125 for 5-6 hours heavy smoke
then up to 175 or so until the internal temps get to 160-65.

This is using good cure.
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That sounds like a reasonable smoking schedule to me. Should work out fine.
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Took out one of the HOT SHOTS man was it good.... lot of heat felt the burn to my feet I will be making a lot more of them clears the sinuses right out.
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ok the hot shots are done... I WILL BE MAKING MORE....

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what spice kit did you use? I'm always looking for something new to try..

PS-- They look Gooood
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the spice was made by Nesco American Harvest. I am gonna make the Teriyaki today. I add 1/4 cup brown sugar to what ever spice i use from them.
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When I did these last time I took them to abou 165 as you did and the casings wrinkled enough that they came loose when you ate them and wasn't very professional looking. I have seen several posts about pulling these at 152-155 and that won't happen. Just a thought. Also did a cold water bath to help alleviate this problem and it wasn't enough to fix the problem on the ones I did last.
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Man oh Man dan those look good to. Then you say they are hot and spicey too. I like it. What size casings did you use for them ??? You say that was a spice kit or what was the list of ingerdence of those snack sticks
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I got some in the smoker right now....just waiting for the temp to get 152.

Yours look mas finas !Looks-Great.gif

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Looks-Great.gif gotta love a good spicy smoked goodness

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Get a probe thermometer and put it in one sausage.  160% should do it.  Anything over 165% is cooking, not smoking.  The meat starts to dry out and not as good.  Also, if you care to cheat, I use liquid smoke to get the smoky flavor without doing the smoking.  Works fine.  1tsp per 5 lbs of meat/game.

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X 2

I do mine exactly the same, I start out cool to dry them out good, then start adding heat and smoke as the time goes on.

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