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Giant Dino's & BBR's whoops & a Tweek

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Planned a great smoke today with Q-view. Took the Pictures and the wife went off with the camera case sans camera. She's got my cords and I have the camera. Oh well will post Pics tomorrow. But I will narrate my epicurean delight. In my area, beef ribs are all bone and not much meat for $.99/lb. Short Ribs run $1.99/lb on sale so I will always buy them; 2X meat for double the price, a wash.

Since I was lazy yesterday and did'nt do my prep work, I had to get to it it this morning. I've been in a quandry all week about fallen comrades, so I decided to honor one. Instead of slathering mustard, I used Yoshida's Teriyaki as my base before dusting with Jeff's rub. This was in honor of a comrade-in-arms who is serving a sentence in a POW camp in Tuscon. After 2 hours, I mopped with the golden elixar again before foiling. Mopped again with you know what for the last hour. Came out KILLER. Not fall off the bone, but a liitle bite and tug. Just the way I like them.

Sorry Mods, but all Hail To The King of Yoshida Land.
See you soon!
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Not trying to throw gas on the fire, but that's hilarious. And quite the teaser you showing up here without the qview.
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Merry Christmas and Happy new Year everyone!!

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Let's all mellow out and do the......

Mr. Yoshidas Dance........

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Now that there is funny, don't care who ya are!!!
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