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Maverick ET-72

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I received a gift today, it is an ET-72 Maverick remote thermometer. I have a fridge conversion that some of you may have watched me build. My internal temp is controlled by Auber Instruments and that thing is exceptionally accurate. If I dial 172 degrees it will keep it there for as long as I program it. My question is if I'm only looking to watch internal meat temp is this good enough unit. It says it will go 100'.

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In my opinion, it is a great unit for remote monitoring. If you can get 100' out of it, that's great but many here haven't been able to. There is a mod available for adding an antenna that increases the distance.
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Initial testing says it will not go 100'. I can get about 75' out of it as long as there is clear line of site. Can anyone tell me of the mod location?
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thank you. I'll open her up this weekend and see if I can do the mod on the 72.
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I guess I'm maybe lucky or not but I don't get much more than about 40 feet away from my smoker so my maverick still works but if I go into the ofice and then get away from a window the connection is gone and I have to go out and let it reset.
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