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Meat Sticks

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Hello I need advice, I got some 21mm casings today i want to make some hot shots or meat snack sticks. I used High Mountian cure and spice would it be ok to use the same spice for these meat sticks?
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Dan the best thing that you could do is go down the street to Kent Butcher Supply right off of Spartan Ind Drive and get their snack stick mix. It is the best out there and to die for.
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Thats where I was thinking of going but we just moved here from Howard city and not real sure of where any place is in GR.
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careful if you get their hot spice ones it is really hot. I tend to mix the hot with the regular and it works out just right
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Meat sticks are in temp 155° used 2 packs original 1.5 packs HOT 1/4 brown sugar. Hickory chips they sure taste good on my fingers (well the spice does anyway) Can anyone tell me ABOUT how long they should take? I dont want the casings to split on me. On a side note I got a new pair of poultry scissors for .50 . i saw them new in a sausage making catalog for $39.99.. GOOD SCORE FOR ME!!
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