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I have a good friend that owns a machine shop specializing in repairing rollers and drums (used in manufacturing plants). they can be repaired many times, but at some point are so out of spec that they become useless (to them!). these drums and rollers range from 3" dia. to 4' dia. and as long as 12-15'. look in your local phone book...the irst one you call may not be the one that does drums and rollers but they may be able to point you in the right direction.
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Where are you in Washington?
There is a great gentleman here in Eugene, OR tha has a /unlimited supply of tanks he gets to build smokers. His name is Tony and is out in the little town of Veneta. You can find him posting on Eugene craigslist. He may sell you one
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And my folks are working in Burlington for the month of January.... so delivery might just be able to be arranged....
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Might be worth a call to Amerigas in Oak Harbor. I know they use to sell old tanks there. They gave one to a local guy that used it for a BBQ for the local
Community feed also. Tell Kathy that Joe Spiker said to call.

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Thanks, we'll see. We'll be cooking next Tuesday for a group of probably 75-100. On the menu will be: 30 racks of ribs, two whole pork loins (I'll probably make pork-u-pines out of part of them), and various types of links.

I'll try to snap some pics.
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I will look into this!!!! Thanks for the info. I am in Arlington
You know I will be hitting you up if this pans out.

I will give them a shot also!!! Thanks for the info Joe!!!!!!!
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Hey Randy,


I live in New Port Richey and need some advice regarding salvage propane tanks

I'm looking for a 48 " diameter tank.  I just need one end cap to use as a fire bowl

for my stone pit out back.

I can't seem to fine one in Florida.  Oklahoma scrap is the closet with that diameter.

Do you have any suggestions that may help.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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Keep trying Streetglide, call some of the places in Tampa, they are here and can be found and usually for free. Just takes some time and detemination and sometimes just driving around looking.

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Originally Posted by Txbbqman View Post

Rules / Laws must differ in each state.

If you ever head down the Texas way give me a heads up and I will grab one for you.

The companies around here know there is decent money to be made selling them to BBQ folks

thats true. They are very abundant here in texas i bought a 500 gallon tank recently for 100 bucks...thats cheaper than scrap price! lots of them are FREE if you ask the right person who needs them gone.

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Go to a Scrap Metal dealer and tell them you need some "Scrap" tanks for Metal . Re-Cycle icon_exclaim.gif

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I contacted my local propane dealer and I have on order a 120 gallon tank. They are making it to where it can never be used for propane again and selling it for 100 dollars and 89 for delivery to my house. A little more than I wanted to spend but cheaper than getting my truck fixed LOL.

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Try local supply houses that sell to the propane dealers, a lot of times they have dinged, dented or out of date tanks they will move cheap. I actually work for one up in Mass & this is where I got the tank & fire bux for my build I just finished.

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Mad fisherman, nice job
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Hey where can i get a couple 500 gal. propane tanks. Thanks Roberft

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I know where you can buy pretty much any number of any size used tanks if you still need them
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