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ham sausage

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good morning to all
was pretty tough up this area yesterday with the snowstorm that hit.
about 14 inches in the area--was going to be a tough day for smoking
put on 2 -4 lb corned beef to make some pastrami and decided to try a little experiment.
the wife saw something on one of the home shopping stations and she wanted to try it---paula deen smithfield ham sausage
let me tell you--i rolled 2 of those bad boys in paprika and threw them on with the pastrami--used cherry chunks along
with the coals---then went to clearing snow from yard and driveway
2 hrs later i took them off while the pastrami smoked away---let me tell you--these were so incredible--after they cooled a bit
i sliced them and put them on some crackers with some habanero cheddar---they have an awesome smoked ham taste--this
is going to be a new go to from now on
oh--by the way--the pastrami came out ok--just a little salty--didnt soak enough but were really tasty
have a great day out there
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Sounds good but are you sure there aren't any pictures?biggrin.gif
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Hi Bassman

Unfortunately no pics for this smoke--will be doing a few this coming weekend and will post photos
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