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Just Bought a 5# Stuffer From Grizzly ...

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Well I went and done it. I bought one of the Grizzly 5# Vertical Sausage Stuffers For $69.99. That way I would know what kind of quality it is... Figure on trying to stuff some Polish with it instead of using a hand grinder...
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That seems like a great price for a SS stuffer. Can't wait to see it in action.
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What size tube did you get?

Beer, does that stuffer come with a 3/8 tube?

I attempted to do some snack sticks and summer sausage this weekend, so far its been a disaster. Most of the aggravation was stuffing the small casings. I had both fresh and my first try at the collagen ones.

Finally got through stuffing everything at about 2am, And just took off the summer sausage about an hour ago..

The 15 lb er that I picked up earlier at Gander does not have a 3/8 and I don't see that LEM carries it either.

What color are the gears on your unit?

The nice thing about buying from Grizzly they seem to have a decent customer service department.
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I just ordered it at about 2:00am online and have to wait but the pics show the gears as black...

Looks like it only has the 1/2", 7/8", 1" tubes.

This is the exact same stuffer as LEM and Others, It Just has a different brand sticker on it the parts are interchangeable... And a Lot Cheaper even if you spend an additional $30.00 to buy the Steel Gears from LEM...

  • Removable cylinder and base are made of stainless steel
  • Welded cold rolled steel frame is electroplated with nickel
  • Easy to clean food grade plastic piston
  • Includes 3 plastic stuffing tubes: 1/2", 7/8" and 1"
  • Cylinder measures 8" high x 4-7/8" diameter
  • Base measures 9-1/2" long x 6" wide
  • Table top design
  • Approximate shipping weight: 11 lbs.
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I have the 5# LEM and find it remarkably easy to use. I suspect the nylon gears on the Grizz will hold up fine, provided you follow a few basic rules. Namely add some water to the sausage to allow it to flow easier and don't spice up the sausage and then let it sit in a cooler for a couple days. It sets up like cement.

These stuffers have a tall, narrow can, which combined with the gear ratios they use, provide plenty of pressure with very little effort.

If product won't squirt through a narrow tube, try a finer grind and more water.

The hard part is waiting for it to show up!
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I had kinda planned on ordering the metal gears for the LEM and then overworking the nylon gears to the point of failure to see how it stands up to abuse and what it takes to break it... That way I can tell members how dependable they are with the stock gears...
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Nylon Gears

In reserching some of the stufffers, I think someone told me that the black gears were made up of a different material, they may hold.

Either way, like you said you can replace the gears from LEM and still be 50 bucks ahead.

I am still searching for a 3/8 tube to fit the 15 lb unit.
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One of the few good things about my town is we have one of the few Grizzly show rooms (you ought to see it around here when they have their annual tent sales. There's no parking available for many blocks around). When I went over to check out the 5 lb stuffer, it had the nylon gears. They do look very substantial. Like a hardened nylon, I'd guess you would say. OF COURSE, icon_mrgreen.gifsitting right next to it was a 15 lb baby, looks identical to the LEM version, as much as you can tell from photos on a web page. The 15 lb has the black gears. The instruction manual does state that you should add some water to allow the stuffer to work easier. I was impressed with both units. The hardest part for me I guess is finding food safe lubricant for the gears. Fortunately, my local Cash and Carry (kinda a resturant supply, but open to the general public) had small tubes available. You can order the lubricant off the internet, but they want some hefty bucks for the Lubriplate (sp) can of food safe.

That 69. and change makes the 5 lb a very good deal.
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Check with these people and see what they want for it in large cans...

If you call them they will ship nationally...

I used to make hotshot runs for them and they have great service...

If you call this number ask for Rodney Tracht and tell him Paul Clary that used to haul for Diamondback told you to call.
(913) 261-2122

IBT Central Distribution Center
9400 W. 55th St.
Merriam, KS 66203
Phone: 913-677-3151
Toll Free: 1-800-332-2114
Fax: 913-677-3752
Email: ibtinfo@ibtinc.com
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I have the LEM with metal gears. I would think that the nylon gears will be just fine as long as you don't put a lot of pressure on the crank when the plunger gets to the bottom. Sounds like a no brainer, but it always kind of surprises me when the plunger bottoms out. When it does, all the pressure will be on the gears. Just saying.
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aww Beer you just shot a arrow thru my heart...i used to work for them , now i work for the competior ....Motion Industries here in oklahoma city
call me i will help you out.....405-943-3316 ask for mike...i got food grade spray lube here on the shelf.......no min
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I have a enterprise stuffer that is the same "type" of stuffer...Just run the plunger all the way down and take note where the middle screw is. Then you have a round about idea where the bottom is or how long until you hit the bottom......Good buy Beer-b-Q
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Good deal Paul !!!!
I wonder why they charge $70 for a 5# and then $250 for a 15#????
3 x 5 = 15, 3 x $70 = $210. Just don't add up to me....lol icon_mrgreen.gif
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I don't know much about those stuffers but I do know that I will be getting one for christmas this year. I will let you know how it does but that one you have there looks like a good one but use it and let us know. Congrats
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New Math...icon_mrgreen.gif

What Branch did you work out of?

Do you know Bill Davis at CDC or Ron McDermitt?
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bill davis dont remember him...now ron mcdermitt rings a bell ....its been 10yrs since i was there ....i worked for their branch in oklahoma city

great company was very family oriented....if i didnt have a disagreement with a regional mgr i would still be there today
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Paul I have the Griz 5# with nylon gears and works just fine-going on 2 years now and have Never come close to having a prob with the gears.Even though I don't post pics (dial up) I make alot of sausage-and sticks-and ya your right on the sizes of tubes.I think you will be happy with it.
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I use vasolene for gear lube. Hell if you can put it on your body why not put it in your body!
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Thanks for the leads on the lubricant, even the vaseline. Fortunately, I have a local source.

As to the 15 vs 3 5's. Well, I generally process more than 5 lbs at a time and the reloading of the "tank" would be bothersome.

I have a sneaky suspicion that WE all are going to be having some fun, I mean, valid work experience, with these new acquisitions.icon_smile.gif

Now, I'm looking at the possibility of hooking up some type of motor to replace the hand crank. I've got a few friends who like to tinker with this sort of thing. I think I'll turn them loose on the project. I will keep you all advised.
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Davis was the Big Dog over all the branches and McDermitt was the Warehouse Mgr at CDC.
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