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pork roast

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Alright Guys,
After all your great advice and recipes, I get home last night from work and find that my wife had bought apork sirloin roast with bone. No big deal
I'll just smoke the way you all have suggested. Used Raceyb's advice first time out and kept it simple, sea salt, pepper, but added some papricka and onion salt for rub. It looked great,sorry haven't got q-view mastered and cell pics aren't the best. Anyway pulled at 150 as suggested and wrapped to rest also spritzed with apple juice about every hour. Now the verdit among my inhouse critics ( drumroll please ) DELICIOUS!!!! Daughter
said it was a great birthday dinner. Which as you all know thats the what we like to hear. Thanks to all that posted to the thread.
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Sounds like it was a winner! Congrats.
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I'm glad that worked out good for ya. After giving you ideas on tropical pork and all, I had to go and do one too. I'm happy your first attempt game out good. Here is my tenderloin adventure today
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