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My experiment with Hanging Tenders and Clod Tenders

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I picked up some Hanging tenders and Clod tenders at Restaurant Depot because I was unfamiliar with them and wanted to give them a go. They were really cheap too...The hanging tenders were $1.89 a lb and the Clod tenders were $2.54 a lb.

They were pretty scary looking but trimmed out pretty quickly.

I rubbed the Hanging tender with this...

Grilled them to Rare / Med Rare and sliced into them.

Plated with some green bean caserole and a baked yukon gold potato

The tenders were really good. I can see that you want to cook them gently otherwise they could get really tough, but I had mine so that I could still reheat them and have them pink inside. I can eat a lot of meat at 1.89 / Lb!

The Clod tenders were $2.54 / lb.

All of them had silver skin on the outside. I trimmed them up and here's what I had...

There were a lot of them, and they were the absolute perfect size for slicing into beef medalions. I coated one with Montreal Steak seasoning and grilled it.

Man these were really good. No wonder the guy at Restaurant depot said these go quickly. Next I'm going to smoke a few of these and see how they are.

All together, both are really good to eat. I can see that I will buying both of these again...they were fantastic for the price.
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They look super delicious and juicy. Can you explain to us where on the cow these come from?
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I asked about these a week ago, and post #5 from this thread is the best explanation I got. Thanks to Pops who really knows his stuff!
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I have never heard of this, I am also curious about this one.

BTW, the meat looks wonderfully prepared. Thanks for sharing.
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Wow, you answered before I posted. Points for good Qview and answers too.
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Holy smokes. The juice is awesome. We dont get those out here in no mans land. They must have different names here. We are a little backwards out here in central KS.
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Thanks for the experiment Dana...You sure can cook!!!

I need to head up to ours after the snow melts....On the to do list for sure......points.gif
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Looks like really good eats there BBQ. Thanks POPS for the explanation never heard of that specific cut before.PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Man those look good... Nice Job Dana...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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They look real fine. The meat choices at Restaurant Depot are great.
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Nicely done.points.gif I tried some hanging tenders for the first time a few weeks ago and I was very pleased with the results. Will definitely be doing them again!
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WOW Now those looks totally awesome really good too. points.gifgoes out for the find and them tell us about it to. I'm definatly heading to the depot really soon and I don't have to wait for the snow to melt either. Wink wink
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