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Meatloaf w/q-view

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Had to get one last smoke in on the GOSM before the switchover to the WSM on Friday. Have enough fuel to knock out a meatloaf using Jeff's killer recipe as a guide.

2# chuck
1/4 cup milk
2 eggs
1 cup bread crumbs
3/4 cup chili sauce
1/2 onion
1/2 red pepper
4 cloves of garlic
1 tsp worstershire
topped with my rub

gonna smoke @ 250 until it hits 160, also going to top with ketchup for the last 20 minutes



into the smoker:

I have mentioned in previous threads I got rid of the tiny cast iron chip pan the GOSm came with. I replaced it with an old cast iron griddle pan I had around the house, and have loved the results, 3-4 hours worth of TBS with this set up of lump, and wood chunks. Lets me keep the smoker cloased and doing its job.

pan in the GOSM:

thanks for looking .

more q-view as the meatloaf finishes in afew hours.
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks so good ...e-mail me the smell please.

Love smoked meatloaf

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this is maybe my 4th, and it has quickly become one of my favorite things to do, probably in the top 5.
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LOL what he said!
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Yep, smoked loaf does a guy right. Thanks Jim, looks very good.
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Looks good Jim, can't wait to see the finished product. Meatloaf is still on my list of "to do's".

I had family obligations today that kept me away from the smoker until almost 3:00, but I have had a hanker'n for some babyback ribs something fierce. I've got a couple of racks wrapped in saran wrap and aluminum foil in the oven for a couple of hours. Gonna finish them off on the charcoal grill. I have a feeling I'm going to sorely miss that sweet, smokey taste like you're gonna have on that meatloaf. But, when pork fat calls...
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sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get that pork fix fixed...
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meatloaf was darn good.

2.5 hours and @ 150:

glazed w/ ketchup ready for 30 more mins. in the smoker:



nice smoke ring for a gasser(w/ a little help from the lump, and hickory) imho.

thanks for looking. the next thing you see me smoke will be on the WSM(BB ribs friday).

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Gotta love smoked meatloaf. Looks delicious.
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thanks dawn. smokey and sweet. i would have preferred a bbq sauce glaze, but my wife and daughter won with the ketchup glaze.
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Man, that looks AWSOME! For a good treat try mixing in some brown sugar with you ketchup glaze next time. Man, talk about taking meatloaf to the next level! It's fantastic on an oven loaf, no reason it shouldn't be out of this world on a smoked loaf.
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thanks for the tip,

I applied a little of my own rub on the meatloaf when it first went on the smoker, it has a little brown sugar in it.
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Great job, I've allready eaten and my mouth still drools. Hope my loaf looks as good someday
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follow Jeffs recipe, he has wet and dry portions of the recipe down to turn out a great loaf. I only tweak it with more garlic, and chili sauce vs ketchup. I was thinking of using buffalo meat, but it is too lean. 90/10 vs 80/20 for chuck
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I'm starting to get flustered with this site. Just when I've got my next smoke figured out, up pops another great idea for dinner. SWMBO just loves it. If I'm cooking, she's not, and that's just fine and dandy with her. Let's see now, I was going to do PP Tuesday, but perhaps smoked Meat Loaf would be appropriate. Save the PP for the weekend smoke. You keep mentioning Jeff. I presume that you mean "The Jeff" and his basic meat loaf. Where is that hiding? Never mind, I love exploring this site. You wouldn't believe all the neat things SMF has got hidden in the various electronic nooks and crannies. I like the idea of dumping the smoke box. It takes too long to pull and restock with fresh, when the iron skillet would be faster.

Oh by the way, great looking meat loaf. icon_smile.gif

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Smoked meatloaf is under rated in my opinion. I like mine stuffed with bacon and cheese and onions. I can eat on one for a week.
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Found Jeff's. Boy, between the two and the addition of bacon, cheese (I presume cheddar or provolone) and onions, this will be a killer meat loaf. Gotta make sure the camera is fully charged otherwise I'll be in hack.
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Thanks for sharing. Looks good. Love the smoke ring. points.gif
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That had to be good,Thanks for the recipe.

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