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holiday party smoke for 35 people qview

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we did our annual holiday party at our house. we had a really good turnout with the weather being as bad as it was last week. i smoked all day and i had really good results.

we did 5 pounds of meatballs wrapped in 3 pounds of bacon.

5 full racks of spare ribs

8 pounds of chicken wing sections

here is the meat table once it was laid out there is also a platter of smoked turkey a Georgia cured ham and a whole smoked salmon (not mine)

this is the non meat table. vegetables? why bother? nobody eats them at our party.

the party lasted from 7PM until 2AM when i threw the stragglers out.

there were almost no meat leftovers. just a handful of chicken wings and some salmon bones. i will be holding a rackof ribs back for myself next year. i might need another GOSM big block too.
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nice lookin spread of food there. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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What a great party!
That was one nice spread you had going on.

For a great smoke, great party-35 is quite a few people! and an overall success!
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Very nice spread ya had going there. It's also nice to have the kitchen help :p
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i dont know if it is 'help' when you have to bribe them with cash.
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Ouch! No wonder he is smiling... lol

I thought maybe he loved bacon...
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Congrats on a successful smoke! Everything looked awesome!

PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifand points.giffor cooking for 35 people. That's no small feat.

Now were those meatballs from scratch?
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no. they were the armour pre-cooked meatballs. they work very well for the application. they are mild in flavor and consistent in size. once the bacon is done, you can pull them.

we put a container of mahogany sauce with a paintbrush next to them. they went fast.
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What kind of smoker is that?
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a 1958 GE fridge converted to electric with an external smoke generator.
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Looks like a great party with lots of good food congrats on a job well done PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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