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First Fatties Also

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Decided to try some fatties for the first time so I went with a nice looking blueberry pancake like I've seen on here and a biscuits and gravy kind of thing.
It's snowing atm, but in abit I'm going to throw them on the smoker and see what I get.
Check it out.

loving the blueberries

Also biscuits and gravy.

The weave got a bit messed up as my 3rd old wanted to help. Oh wells.

Here's some of the finished product. The blueberry pancakes one came out mushy. Still tasted mighty fine while the biscuits and gravy one was outstanding. I ate more than half of that one. Wife loved it to. They overcooked a bit as we are also making xmas cookies today but all in all not bad for first try.


Biscuits and gravy one. Yum!
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They Look Great So Far... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looking good! The experience and memory of having a helper is worth way more than winding up with a pretty looking fattie.
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Look good, let me know how the busicut and gravy turn out!
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Bet they are going to be great.
Always meant to try the blueberry pancake one since they seem to be quite popular.
Biscuits and gravy should be really tasty.
Good luck!
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