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Mixing smoke times for 2 types of sausage

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I made up some venison snack sticks and Summer sausage yesterday, but ran into a whole lot of set backs (I'll save that for another thread).

The snack sticks call for 8 hours of Smoke then raise to 165 for an internal of 145.

The Smoked Salami is from "the book" calls for 135 no smoke for an hour and then slowly raise to 150 until color is obtained, then raise to 165-170 until internal temp of 155 is obtained.

The smoker is pre warmend to 100 the sausages are coming up to room temp from the refrigerator.

I am using mahogany collagen cases on both so color is not an issue.

The Bears play at 3:15, there is stuffer on sale at Gander Mountain, so what is the best way to smoke these sausages at the same time?

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A trustworthy helper!!
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The quick, easy and smart assed answer would be "use two separate smokers". Not what you are looking for I'm sure. If I were doing this, I would follow the inst. for the cooked salami, with the snack sticks in there, when they reach proper internal temp, pull them, then allow the salami to continue until they reach their temp. Or leave all until 155. The snack stick times and procedure would yield you a drier type stick, this way will leave more of a mini salami, type of stick. Both good.
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The second smoker is in the works. I hate being the only one around here with only one.

I put the sticks on with heavy smoke, need to run to Gander Mountain and pick up my Christmas present stuffer (THANKS MEAT HUNTER for the tip)

The wife will make sure I don't burn the garage down and then I will cook the salami as Rytek suggest.

Wont make the Bears game gathering, but at least I'll have a stuffer.
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In Process

Well my duel is in process, Smoked the stick from 10 to 3, cranked it up to 135 put the Salami's in and waiting, for it to stablize at 135.

Will crank it up to 150 for the next few hours, then 170 to finish.

I was able to get to Gande and pick up the 15 lb stuffer and watching the Bears loose on TV.

I may be able to slip out to my buddies for some dinner and watch part of the hawks game before I need to check again.
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