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Summer Sausage

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Last weekend we did 13lbs of venison summer sausage and 13 lbs of beef summer sausage(1/2 with Cheddar).

I only got a picture of the Venison smoking away.

Here's the beef sausage about to go in the smoker.


Beef only

I smoked the venison with oak that has been soaked in wine for 3 years. The beef I used cherry. Got the GOSM to 170 and smoked them for over 5 hours til they were at 156 then into a water bath.

Thanks for looking.
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nice looking sausage Brain, where did ya get the chesse if I might ask?
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Great looking chubs.
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Got it all from Butcher & Packer. I must give them a plug because I ordered the wrong hog clips from them and instead of just shipping what I ordered they called me to make sure it was what I wanted. They then gave me the proper clips and even let me add a few things to the order right then and there to save me on shipping. Great top notch service.
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Cool Brain, I also use Butcher & Packer but the cheese I get is little cubes, yours looks like shredded. And I have to agree they are great to deal with.
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Those Look Great Brian...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Do you need my shipping address...icon_mrgreen.gif
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I added the cheese before the second grind and the cheese was frozen when I added it. Didn't mean it to be. I accidentally put the cheese in the freezer when I got it instead of the fridge. Not sure what I was drinking at the time but it must of been good.
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Did you like those casings? I use the fiborus and have had great luck with it. Seems like when I used the type you used i had problems getting smoke penetration. How was yours?
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Nice sausage there brian. Man I have to make some summer sausage cause the wife loved thats stuff that Jerry made and had at the gathering. You did a great job and I know that butcher packer is the home for all your sauasge needs. I guess I'll have to is place an order. I see you using your Gosm for smoking low temp I was wondering what you used for a heat source. I want to use my older unit for low temp smoking sausage and bacon.
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Yes I liked them. The were the mahogany fibrous casings. I went lite on the smoke but there was a nice little smoke ring and melo smoke flavor.
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Mark I used the propane burner. With the tank barely open and it on low I was able to maintain 170*. top vent closed to the tabs.

Also forgot to mention the sausages were about 1.30lbs each.
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Looks good bet they taste good too PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Those look great!

question for you - last batch of summer sausage I did I hung them like that in my smoker and the last 1/5 or so of the sausage closest to the bottom seemed to have cooked a bit and I lost much of the fat in that section of the sausage. Did you do anything with this batch to keep the bottom portion of your sausages from "over cooking"? I used the full casing and did not shorten them up at all.

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