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Curing loin for CB ?

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When the directions say cure the loin in frig for 3-5 days, how do you know when it is ready? thanks guys
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What I do on CB is figure 1/4 inch per day. So.... if it is an inch and a half to the middle... I would cure it 6 or 7 days.... 7 days is generally how long I end up with on a full size loin. A little over isn't going to hurt anything.
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I wouldn't too much worry about over-curing as I would under-curing. I would go about 7 days as well.
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I did 8.6 days on a full size loin.
1/4 in of radius per day is what I have read.

3-5 days seem a little low for a loin, perhaps you were looking at directions for a tenderloin?
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Thanks guys, the 3-5 days comes from Morton's site. They say 1 tablespoon of Tender Quick per lb of loin. Then cure for 3-5 days. I have read about the 1/4 inch per day but not with this one.
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1 inch per 5 days is a good rule of thumb to go by-thats from all directions unless theres a fat cap-cure dosn't penetrate fat caps.
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You cann't over cure the loin and you so could leave it alittle longer if you want I have left one for about 12 days before and it tasted just fine and was cured very well. Just make sure that yourub and squeeze it on a daily basis and turn it over a few times too.
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