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High temp cheese

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Hello everyone,
I was wondering where you guys order your high temp cheese from?I have only bought a pound at a time from my butcher.I would like to maybe buy ten pounds at a time to save some cash.
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Thanks for the link.I went with butcher & packer company.They offered 10# of pepper jack for $44.00.It came to $5.37 a pound with shipping included.So I saved a little bit of cash compared to what my butcher was charging.If anyone wants the link to these people here it is.
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What the heck is high temperature cheese?
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I get mine from the local grocery store.
High Temp cheese is a type of cheese we use in snack sticks, sausage, summer sausage etc. The cheese has a higher melting temp so when you are smoking or cooking it they cheese doesn't boil out or run all over.
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Ahhh I See. Must be made of oil instead of milk, at least I would imagine.

Thank you for the information.
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Not sure if this is any cheaper than what you are already doing but they have it!

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Thanks for posting for I will be needingsome cheeses for my suasge pretty soon. That way I can do some of that stuff too.
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I personally have not yet tried it, but some use Kraft crumbles in their sausage. Supposedly a higher melting point.
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