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Here we go, my first pulled pork

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I'm stepping out of my comfort zone of chicken and doing my first pulled pork. Still a newbie!

Got it in the smoker at 6:15 this morning, 30 minutes later the smoker is resting at 230.

The plan is:
1) Picked up a 5.5 pound bone in port shoulder roast on sale.

2) Rubbed it down with Frenches mustered and sprinkled some Bad Byron's rub, wrapped it in plastic, and let it rest over night in the fridge (~10 hours).

3) In the smoker for a estimated 8.5 hours at 230-250.

4) At a internal temp of 100 I will start the hourly spray of 3:1 Apply Juice and Spice Rum.

5) At 165 I will heavily spray and double foil.

6) Continue at 230-250 until internal temp reached 205-208.

7) Remove from smoker (or oven), wrap in towels and place in cooler to rest for 1-2 hours.

8) Pull and EAT! (hopefully around 5pm)

See any flaws in the PLAN?

Fingers crossed and saying prayers.

Pictures to come later!
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Sounds ok to me, but where's the Qview???? tongue.gif
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No it sounds like you have a good plan but the only thing I see missing is the dreaded stall if you ave one. That one you cann't measure you just have to life thou it. But other then that yu are right on tatget for a very good dinner for sure. Are you gonna make sammies or just eat the pork pulled or what??? Because if you are planning on the sammies I would run out an get some cabbage and fixins for the cole slaw homemade of corse. So may sure that you don't forget the Qview either.
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Ahhh what is the dreaded stall, and what should I be prepared for?

I just hope my estimate of 1.5 hours per pound includes this stall?

We are having a small family gathering tonight and the plan is to have pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw (home made with apples), Angle Food cake (my favorite). Plus all the snacking stuff.

Update: I'm moving towards 130 at about 3 hours.

Here is a peakicon_cool.gif

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Are you going to do a vaunted vinegar sauce or bbq? I did the vinegar sauce (wet sauce) and have never once wanted to go back to bbq sauce, EVER
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I am a kinda newbie as well, i assume that the dreaded stall would be the same as in a brisket when the temp, hovers around that 165 when all the muscle sheath begins to melt?? stays there for awhile and then shoots up lol
My first brisket and pulled, both stopped rising at about 165ish for about 2 hours then began to rise again.
Am I right? lemme know if I am way off hahah
still have lots to learn
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My wife's family has a home made BBQ sauce they use for brisket. It is really good, but I'm not sure what kind it is. I will have to check.

Well I guess my plan kind of takes care of the stall. When I reach 165 the pork will be double wrapped in foil and finished out with heat only. I may even put it in the oven at 230-240 to finish out to 205-208 and then let rest a couple hours wrapped in towels.
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A 165 and ready to foil.

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Pretty qview, thanks for sharing as you cook.
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Sounds like you're moving right along. Congrats on trying your first PP. Hope it turns out as great as it sounds like it will.

Yes, the stall would be like what fireguydrew explained. At some point it may quit rising in temp until the meat does it's thing and then it'll take off again.

Stay with it, and don't raise your smoker temps when it happens. Let the meat do what it's gotta do.
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Looking good.She should pick up some speed now she is foiled and plateaued...
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Excellent looking job for your first PPB...congratulations. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Nice job on your first pp. Looks great.
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Looking Good...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Here is the final results.

Everyone loved it....and said is it my best so faricon_cool.gif

The bone slid right out.

The last picture taken before it was devoured was the pulling.

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You know its ready when that bone falls out, no tugging required. Nice job.
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points.gifPoints to you my friend!!! Looks great.
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very nice indeedpoints.gif thanks for sharing
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