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ShooterRicks Smoke-N-Butts T shirt design

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Before I go any further I wanted to get feed back from you folks as to our new team t-shirts. Design below so let me know.


Attachment 23423


Attachment 23424
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I like it Rick it's short and sweet and to the point. Just remember I wear a x-large.
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Nice! X-Large Please!
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I would move the front graphics to the upper left chest. But that's just me. tongue.gif
OBTW... XXX for me. biggrin.gif
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I like it, I was thinking like Iceman and maybe put the front graphics over the pocket too. But for advertising the large is easier to read. maybe a small logo on the sleeve?
And I take an XL
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Looks Great to me... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I agree on the logo on the front should go to the upper left...

Does it come in 5XL? That is my size...icon_mrgreen.gif
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Revised T shirts

thanks for the input. I revised the design. Take a look!



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pic is to small to really see it Rick, but i like it
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Sorry for the small front photo. try this.

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Nice shirts ya got there.
Good idea to go w/ black as it doesn't show all the rub and mop stains as bad as a light color.
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They look great, Rick. Very nice design.
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Good looking shirts...I give my vote of confidence. I take XXL Rick...I'll PM you my address! icon_mrgreen.gif

As a side question, I am looking to get some printed for my team as you have a supplier identified that you would be willing to share? Just curious.
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