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Couldn't help it! Full Packer for Saturday's Dinner- Qview - Page 3

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Main smoke complete...separation of point and flat

For the new folks interested in doing this method of brisket smoke, I decided to just continue with sequential progress so you all can follow me through to the end. If there haven't been any recent threads containing this type of info, it may give seasoned smokers a bit different look at a new way as well.

Now, folks, I have to say, the separation after smoking is not something I've done, ever. Also, the burnt ends are my second attempt. I got hooked on these after seeing the threads by Rivet, Fire it up, amoung others, I'm quite sure.

None of my methods are carved in stone, but should give a good look at how I brought this smoke together. As mention in various earlier threads, this smoke didn't come off perfectly, few ever will...but I did what I felt I needed to do to get through the issues, and document it here so all of us could learn from it.

Hot off the grate:

Some views of separation, begining with locating the fat "seam" between the 2 and sliding into that to begin a fillet method of separation...flat is on top of the point:

Just some fat holding them together now on the far right:

I'll continue with more in stages...flat is resting foiled for awhile now, IT is 129*. Burnt Ends are smokin' for their final approach to our plates!

Still posting on the fly, so please be patient...that word all smokers know very well...LOL!!!

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The Flat...prep for resting

OK, getting closer to the finish by the minute..problem is, not everything is finished and ready for devouring! LOL!!!!!!

Here's the naked side of the flat, reason being it was in direct contact with the point, thus, no dry rub/bark formation:

How about a few more shakes of CBP, kosher salt and minced garlic, just for kicks? Naked meat's just not as pretty, I think:

Probe is re-insert for monitoring temp drop during resting stage:

I placed my heavy duty foil into a 12" x 18" baking pan and lightly pressed to form into the pan just a bit...just for ease of getting the flat into the foil and begining the wrap...it's like having an extra hand or 2, and helps get the meat centered where you want it for closing it all up:

Closed up and ready for a few towel wraps to insulate for a nice cozy nap....:

Start of the Burnt Ends to follow...stay tuned!

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Burnt Ends are in!

I know that more than one of you guys have been waiting desperately for this part...

Removal of un-rendered fat cap:

Thick slicing to cross-cut into cubes:

Little to no smoke ring, as I expected due to the fat cap...it's a compromise...juicy tender meats or lots of smoke...see, here's the part that I haven't gotten perfected either, if it's possible...I guess trim the fat cap off and separate at a lower IT, then return the flat to the smoker grate? Seems the meat would be too high of IT to accept smoke at this point...just an idea to maybe work on next time...I don't know everything about brisky burns, this is just the next level I've gone to with it...so far so good:

Cubed and ready for sauce after a bit more seasoning to toss with it:

Onto my Vault's jerky rack...these work great for burnt ends:

Just one last look before the final phase begins:

90 minutes into the second smoke...and I'm about to die here, so is the family! LOL!!!:

I think it's time for the sauce base prep now to get ready to great the flat's slices, as the fat has solidified for skimming it off.

BEs should be ready in another 1/2 hour.

I'm still rolling here...hope my body makes it to the finish line (32 hrs w/o sleep)...

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Will you marry me? Homo you don't. LOL. Fantastic smoke and a very informative step by step procedure/results. Looks delicious and I know I've picked up some pointers. Thank you from those who thought, As Jimmy H. would say, "Are You Experienced".
Still hoping you will share your BE recipe or PM the basics it if it's a secret.
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Holy cow. That's crazy that this took that long. Looks good. I hope for your sake it's the best damned tasting brisket in the history of briskets. I was expecting those slices to look dry after being in the cooker that long. Thankfully it looked super juicy. Way to stick with it. It's a pretty funny thread. I could tell how tired you were getting, it seemed like you were pretty delirious.

points.giffrom this guy for sticking with it. Hope it's ok.
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BEs hit the platter...like the last time, no leftovers will be stowed away tonight!

Crazy good stuff here:

I don't remember mentioning, but I smoked these @ 225-250* for just short of 4 hours. I could have went to 260-270* for about 2.5 hours and I think they would have carmelized/crusted better. They are still a very tasty treat no matter what the exterior texture is like.

We're just snacking 'til we get other sides ready...been a slightly chaotic day here with running here and there for school activities. I was too whipped to think about sides or else an early dinner would be in order.

ANyway, I have a flat to check out slicing yet...I'm sure the resting period was sufficient @ 5 hours now...overkill, I know, just happens sometimes.

I'll do my best to sneak in a couple responses to question etc, while we get better organized for the feast.

Thanks all!

More to come of course...man I'm dragging in my boots now...heh-heh!

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I don't know if I'm tired, hungry, bored or on the edge of my seat!
I might even sell my smokers!
Just kidding.
That is a great thread, thanks and get some rest. Things look real good.
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Looks like all the pain was worth it. Bravo my friend and Point to you for the detailed Qview also.points.gif
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Thanks jh, it has been a long burn, and not over just yet. I decided after the thread seemed to be generating alot of interest in the process/methods that I would just lay it all out here for you folks, just so you could get a good idea how it can be done.

Remember, this isn't THE ONLY WAY, it's just how I decided to try and pull it all together today. There are members on here who I truely envy how they can turn out grub like this pretty much everytime they post. And it's ALL very delectible food, no doubt. They have inspired alot us and in return my only hope is to return the favor somehow...this is just one way of the ways I can accomplish that.

As far as recipes, this was a throw-together, believe it or not. It seems I turn out some of my best creations under pressure/short notice...wasn't even sure what I was going to do with that packer until about noon yesterday. I know, crazy silly me! LOL!!!

No secrets here either, just toss on a rub you like, I went KISS method pretty much all the way. The heavily salted fat cap is to aid in break-down of the fat...seems to work pretty well. The methods are pretty well described, I think...man been a wicked long night...oh it's the next day already? HEH-HEH-HEH!

Anyway, if you have questions about my methods, PM or post here, if it's about general BEs or brisket methods drop a thread starter...tons of folks to help...well, you know that, silly me.

I'm no pro at this gig right here, but get some great results from seeing other's threads and getting ideas where to start.

I haven't made my own dedicated Bbq Sauce just yet, not a huge fan of it, but it seems like a must for BEs. I just used a bottle of Kraft Honey Bbq for this...oh, about 1/3 to 1/2 cup...just enough for a light coating after tossed around for a minute.

Hope to see you burnin' one up sometime very soon!

Well, I've had a couple BEs already and they're even better than my first round 6 days ago, if that's possible. Now, that flat, man, I'm gettin' really itchy about grabbing that knife and steel...maybe a couple sample slices are in order, eh?

Delirious is right on target...I've been having trouble focusing on just one task at a time for the past several hours...this boy's not going anywhere out of his yard 'til the night's sleep has been completed to satisfaction...stick a fork in me...I'm done...HAH-HAH-HAH!

Yep, I think it's time for flat samples now...man, I can't remeber what else is on the back burner now...um...finishing sauce and the flat.

I must be getting to old for these all-nighters...this one really did try to get the better of me..tried to open a can of whoop-butt, and I wouldn't let it!

Back with flat pics with finish sauce, and a little reiew if I can swing it...

Thanks much guys!

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I'm a little confused on the terminology side of things. In the photos, the "flat" was on the topside of the brisket after he cut along the "fat seam", which left the thickest part called the "point". After that, he trimmed off the excess fat of the Point, sliced it up, cubed it up, and called the pieces the "burnt ends" even though most of the cubes weren't exactly from the ends or burnt? Throughout this whole adventure I've been expecting to see both ends of the brisket black and burned (BE's) like would happen if it had been grilled, and the middle of the brisket wrapped in foil after each end was trimmed off, to be put in the cooler. Another question is, about how long is the typical plateu/stall, and does it happen on all large cuts of beef, such as Prime Rib, Rib Roast, etc. Thanks for the help and sorry about the newbie questions...
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Aah, yes, this can be easily confused...

Burnt Ends is just the name...I never heard of them until I came here...I was thinking it had to be something charred, which definately doesn't sound very palatable at all.

The reason behind this apparently age old concept of the burnt ends is that the flat (POINT) has very nice fat marbling throughout the muscle. It is still a very tough cut of beef, hence why low & slow cooking is the preferred choice.

After separation, cubing etc, and returning the BEs to the smoker, you would think that such a small piece of meat is going to turn into a brick after 30-40 minutes @ 225-250*, right? It's the remaining marbling that has not fully rendered out of the meat which keeps it moist and delicious all the way to the finish. If a crispy exterior can be achieved, the center will be tender and moist, while closer to the crust is a slightly chewier texture...they're just a texture and flavor sensation that I find irresistable.

The plateau/stall is going to happen wether we want it to or not. This is a period of time in which the initial thermal energy which was absorbed by the surface of the meat has begun to sink into the connective tissues. As the temperature of the tissues reach an optimal level they begin to simply soften and melt. This occurs at (someone correct me as I can't recall if this is exact) 158-165* internal temperature. OK, now I'm pretty sure that's not 100% correct, but my mind has been run through the blender in the past ~35 hours...heh-heh!

Plateau length, starting/ending temperatures could be effected by many variables such as cross-sectional density of the cut of meat (thickness), overall weight, presence/absence of bone, amount of bone mass if present, intermuscular fat content, exterior fat (fat-cap), starting cook chamber temperature, peak/low chamber temps, average chamber temps, relative humidity and/or cook chamber humidity. I'm sure there's more out there as well.

Also, the same cut of meat of identical weight from one particular animal may not react exactly the same as from another animal.

And, you're most welcome! We all start somewhere, and no question is unreasonable. icon_mrgreen.gif

Hope this clears up some confusion for you.


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Flat is terrific! I'm in love again!

OK, I have this slight problem...I have about 1-3/4 quarts of sauce base which I have absalutely no intention of using on this flat...it's too good to throw anything on it. What shall I do? Freezer I guess.

The flat did take on some smoke so that was nice to see and taste. Moisture was phenomenal...I didn't doctor this up with spray/misting...I couldn't do that to all you fine folks...straight up, this is killer brisket. And with the simple flavors of the garlic & pepper, what more could I ask for? Nothing at all.

OK, I've rambled on long enough, LOL!!!! Pics as promised!

Man, after having a half-dozen or so BEs, and then thinking about this flat for a few minutes, I seemed to develop an appetite! I feel almost human again! LOL!!!!

Work in the morning, so, gotta do eyelid inspections after after a little while.

What a smoke!

Thanks to everyone for their previous brisky/BE threads, and the rest of you for hangin' in their with me and checking things out! Been fun as always!

Take care and great smokes!

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Pass me a plate Eric...Great work as usual....points.gif
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Damn fine Eric! Points to you dude! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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How can it get better than that...What a journey...Kudo's Mister...and Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions...
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Crap I missed all these replies somehow! A night and day from hell, some might think...I say heaven!

Thanks, brother smoker!

Thanks Brian. Oh I have not one complaint right now, I may have been a bit tensed up about 12-15 hours ago though...heh-heh! I can't say I'm ready for the next one just yet (maybe a 6 month recovery is in order), but if I can find a happy medium for the trimmed & seperated versus full untrimmed packer...oh man what a day that would be!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, how I wish we had smoke deliveries through PM's...I'd be PM'n a couple hundred folks over the next few days!

Thanks Alex!

Thanks Mark!

I do hope this thread has/will help some potential brisket burners in their future adventures...if that can be accomplished, plus offering some grub up for eye candy here on the forum, then, it's been a most successful day indeed!!!

Merry Christams to all! Man that's coming up very soon, isn't it? HO-HO-HO!!!!!!!!!!!!

And to all a sweet, smoke filled weekend! Good night!

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You bet, man! ANYTIME! Sure makes the end of the smoke more enjoyable to have such a good product...the interests of others in your labor of love is very, very nice as well! Been a blast!


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just want to say thanks, very informative. dave
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Phenominal journey and excellent tutorial! Your burnt ends looked delicious and I expecially like the sliced pic of the point prior to cubing~very juicy and tasty as-is (was). You've done yourself proud, and have shared a treasure with the rest of us.

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Favorited for future use.

Great job!!
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