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Smokin Chickens

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Smokin 4 roasting chinkens rubbed with a rub i tossed together I hope it tastes ok (it did on my finger) just a few short hours and I will take and add qview.
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I can't wait to see em. I love it when the little 3 to 4 lbs go on sale for cheap! Let us know what your rub recipe was and how it turned out.
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these were a great price the store brand birds were on sale for $1.19 Tyson birds .98............ hhmmmmmmmmmm I went with the Tyson birds.
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Very nice price! Good to go...keep us posted.
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What temp are you using? What flavor wood?

Bring on the Qveiw Dan! Can't wait to see it.
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smoking @ 250° and using Hickory.
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Great thing is that if it tasted good on your finger then it will most likely be a good rub.
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possible small problem. for some reason the temp inside the smoker has dropped from 250° to 205° the meat temp is 130° they have been in the smoker for a 1.5 hours
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i like to get the temp up to 275-300 if i can when doing poultry. if you need to you can finish them on the grill or in a 350 deg oven since hickory is strong anyways........just don't cold smoke any birds.
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The temp of the meat is @ 150 am i out of the danger zone?
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for the most part..........if you are at 150 i would finish them on the grill with indirect heat to crisp up the skin if you can.
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that top right one definately needs more time.......make sure you temp the thickest part of the thigh and don't hit the bone. also the juices should be clear and the legs moove freely in the joints at he socket......and get that temp up!
looking good!
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got the temp up to 165° (meat temp) ambient is back up 275° got good smoke. I noticed in the pic a pic of smoke behind one of the birds. it may be to cold out to be smokin. it is 19° lol just cant get enough smokin.
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Oh did you fix your problem with the smoker and now it time to start smoking now.The birds look good so far and I know they will fifnish good also. I cann't wait.
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The birds are looking great. 40*-140* in 4 hours is the rule. After Thanksgiving I have this stuck in my mind.
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