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Persimmon? The welding shop that makes the Spice Wine smokers also sell smoking woods and while in today to get some parts for a UDS I'm building, I noticed a bag of persimmon wood for smoking.

We talked a bit and finally concluded it is a fruit tree. Maybe it would work. Anybody try it?
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I have never tried it, but the general rule is any hardwood from the fruit or nut family is fine for smoking.

I just googled it and Persimmon seems to be prized wood for smoking high quality meats. Sounds like you are good to go in my opinion.
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According to the woods for smoking sticky

"Other internet sources report that wood from the following trees is suitable for smoking: AVOCADO, BAY, CARROTWOOD, KIAWE, MADRONE, MANZANITA, GUAVA, OLIVE, BEECH, BUTTERNUT, FIG, GUM, CHESTNUT, HACKBERRY, PIMIENTO, PERSIMMON, and WILLOW. The ornamental varieties of fruit trees (i.e. pear, cherry, apple, etc.) are also suitable for smoking."
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Wow, that's interesting, we have a load of persimmon groves in this neck of the woods and I've never thought about using it. I'll have to ask one of the growers about it and see if I can get my hands on some.
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Until then, lets hope nobody starts rummaging around in the garage for those old persimmon head golf clubs. (although they are about the right size)icon_wink.gif

Also mentioned was beech (ok....I can see that one) and Osage Orange. Probably not that one, although it does set a fruit and is really hard and burns incredibly hot. The "fireworks" from that burning is fun to see though, as long as it's not in a fireplace or woodstove. Having one of those sparks fly out into the room is a concern.
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