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saw this where some one was looking for a recipe for tasso.
so i thought what is tasso.
after a little research found out it will kick red beans & rice up a notch
gots to make some of this stuff so i pulled up 6 recipes then just kind of made my own
heres the begining in fridge now gonna let it meld for a day or so
cut up a butt used half for this and half for chorizo.
never made either one befor so if its trash not out much but spices

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Looks good so far, what spices are in there?
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I was looking for a new recipe.

Let us know how it turns out.
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And it has no substitute in cajun dishes icon_mrgreen.gif. I recently made a batch from this site (I did the Cured Tasso)

It worked out well!

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Always looking for new stuff to try out so I'm keeping an eye on this one.
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i seen this recipe it did look good but i stayed away from the cures,icon_smile.gif
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I never heard of tasso. I googled and fully understand that I must attempt at this pork product in the near future. :)
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Looks Good So Far...
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The tasso that i have had was in New Orleans at a little joint called Joey B I think it was just off of canal street. It was really spicey and very tastey too. Now with my new found love of sausage making this wold be on the short list for sure. Now I wouldn't mind having your recipe for this stuff too. I hope you like the way it comes out too.
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Looks good Terry, I'm looking forward to what ya think of it and your recipe
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It definetely has a punch to it along with some depth. I recently had a potluck at work and made Jambalaya Pasta:

I substituted the Ugly Brothers homemade tasso (6-8 ounces) for the Andouille and omitted the shrimp (havent seen shrimp in too many Jambalayas PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif). It was a huge success...

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ok Tasso going into christene now more later

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ok here it is all done taste is great there has to be more i can do with this than red beans & rice.
has a little kick but just cajun not overwelming

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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Great job, congrats! Now onto Andouille...
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Looks amazing. Going to have to try some of that in the near future.
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