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What if any should I do before 1st smoke in a SMS?
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What smoker are you referring to? Check with your users manual if the smoker is electric or propane or ceramic. If it is a charcoal smoker, you'll need to season it. If you need instructions on seasoning, please shout out and someone will reply with steps.
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I am sorry, I have a WSM charcoal smoker.
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How do I season a 22 1/2" WSM, before 1st smoke?
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First, let me say you are a lucky dawg!!! That is one of the best smokers out there in my opinion!

wash all the grills and bowls with soapy warm water and rinse allow to dry. Double check all screws and bolts for tightness. Use a hose and thoroughly rinse out the inside of the smoker and allow it to air dry. Reassemble the smoker.

Take a can of non stick spray like pam or even olive oil in a spray can and liberally coat all surfaces of the smoker and the grates. You can cover the water bowl in a layer of foil to make for easier clean up.

Start some charcoal in a chimney starter and when ready, pour into your charcoal bowl And add a few pieces of chunk wood. Open up all vents as wide as they'll go and let it do it's thing. The smoke will begin to cover the insides and will help seal pores, prevent condensation and rust.

Once you can dump out the cold ashes safely, it is ready to smoke food in.

The manual from weber recommends a minimum of 30 minutes curing/seasoning for it's charcoal products to set the paint and enamels. A copy of the PDF manual is here
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Thanks Raceyb

I'll try to take some Qview.
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the WSM does not need to be seasoned before its first use, its ready to go out of the box.

check out this WSM site, tons of info
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Heck I did even wash the darn thing. I put it together through in some charcoal put some water in the bowel and meat on the grate and let it rip.
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thats what I heard to do, so I am going to follow your lead.
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