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Making Sausage Question

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I got the butts trimmed and in the freezer to stiffen itup.

My question...

I have a kitchen aid grinder and stuffer. Do I grind the meat and then season it and send it though the grinder a 2nd time to stuff it? Or do I season the meat and let it marinate then stuff it while grinding the first time?

Any advice wouldbe appreciated.
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I always double grind mine. Grind, season, grind/stuff.
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With that grinder you will have to cut the meat fairly small; say 1 - 1/2 inch cubes. If you lay them out on a cookie sheet you can sprinkle the spices over the top, then grind.

Some have concerns about the cure not being spread throughout the meat evenly. I have not had a problem with this, but if you are concerned, after grinding place your cure in a little water and mix it in to the meat.

Hope this helps.
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You want to be careful about grinding too many times at once. If you grind more than twice it sometimes gets mushy unless you cool it back down first.
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Grind as little as possible

I have never used a kitchen aid. All of the advice I have received says grind as few times as you can.

Even on my commercial grinder, it seems to make the meat mushy the second time.

Currently I am grinding once, and using the grinder with a stuffing plate to stuff. I still not real happy with the product, but will live with it until Santa brings me a stuffer.
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Thanks for the inputguys...I definetly don't want paste...but I want to make sure the meat gets seasoned thuroughly.
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When I used my KA for sausage I did a grind then season and grind again. I would then chill the meat again then stuff.
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I just finished stuffing some smoked Kielbasa.
I pretty much follow the Kutas method.
Grind, add seasonings to water and mix with the ground pork.
I did 15 lbs and its about to go into the smoker.
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