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Just some more Butts... Christmas Presents!

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Have 4 Butts in the smoker. Gonna pull them in the morning and deliver them to a couple friends that own businesses in town. Called them and told them I'd be bringing lunch tomorrow. Should come off the smoker at about 6 in the morning and I'll let em rest. Here they are all trimmed up and coated with Yoshidas Spicy Original.

Here they are ready for the smoke all probed and rubbed with Reds rub.

And here is an MES window cam shot about 3 hours into the smoke.

Smokin with maple and hickory. I'll have to get some shots in the morning when I pull them. Maybe get some action shots eatin them.

See you tomorrow.
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Lookin good.
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Hit 160 and pulled them out of the smoker. Spritzed them down with some strawberry margarita mix, double foiled and back into the smoker for the night. This is the part I really like about the MES. Set it on 200 and I'm going to go to sleep. When I wake up in the morning these butts will be sittin right on 200. And the indoor garage smokin facility is workin flawlessly.

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Hmmmmmmmm, do ya need my address???? lmao
I think I can smell them over here!!!!! tongue.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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Nice Job Dave. I may have to give the Margarita mix sometime. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Try a straight pinapple juice sometime, that really gives them some flavor and doesn't over power the pork....tongue.gif
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WOW margarita mix??? Gotta say I like someone trying new stuff...Those look awesome and you ahve my addy assuming Im on the xmas list...Great job brother...Points for the Maragrita Mix....points.gif
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I don't use any sugar in my rub so the margarita mix gives it some sweet n sour twang. I love it on the ribs so I thought I'd try it out on the butts.
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Sounds like a winner Dave.
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Yanno,that is real nice....Besides the meat and indoor facility -the fact you mentioned being able to hold your meat is real nice and a good reason for me to get a MES....points.gifFor expanding my horizons!!!!

Quality work as always.........Lucky friends you have...
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Let me know how the margarita mix flavor worked with those butts, maybe they'll have a taste similar to sweet and sour sauce???? tongue.gif
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I started out with a Masterbuilt Propane I converted to NG. I used it most of the winter.... loved it. Then I got the MES late winter and didn't really get to use it much until it warmed up. Really enjoyed smokin on it. Then I found an Oklahoma Joe on Craigslist barely used for $200. I love smokin on that thing. I've quit using the NG Masterbuilt completely and have been thinkin of letting it go. I have a hard time letting go of stuff. When the weather is nice enough and I have the time... the OK Joe is the one smokin..... but I use the MES by far more than anything else and now with it inside I have the whole winter without the worry of rain... snow.... wind... or temp. I'm really happy with my setup.
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Looking VERY good. I like your set up with the hood.
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Got up at 8:00 PM and went thru the cold rain I'm not smoking in... to the nice warm dry garage and pulled all four butts. Temps ranged from 194 to 204. It was really hard not to tear into one of em to see how they turned out. The therm slid in like there was nothing in the foil so I know they are tender. Really really hard not to crack one of them open. They are in the cooler wrapped in towels resting. I'll leave them there until I'm ready to serve them. I also mixed up a batch of SoFlaQuer's Finishing Sauce. I've never tried a finishing sauce but have been wanting to. More later......

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Definatly a great job with the butts. It a good thing you are doing bringing lunch to some of the folks in town. Thats a nice gester for sure. Your a good man dave.
PS I like your hood system and you say it works good to. I'm really glad to see it works too now you can act like you live in Fla and smoke all year round.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I think I forgot to mention that one of these butts was a keeper. I took mine out of the cooler after resting a couple of hours. Still was sittin at 176 internal after 2 hours. I wanted to make sure they were up to standard before I fed any of it to my friends. Guess what I had for breakfast. Now this is the proper way for a bone to look after smoking a butt.

I'm going to take the ones I smoked to my friends business and unwrap and pull them in front of them. Got a mess of rolls, some BBQ sauce and napkins. I love it.
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Don't know how I missed this but I did...

Dave those look great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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lookin good, if pictures could be tasted, these should taste good.
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