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15lbs CB and 35lbs BBB (Pics) - Page 2

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Continues to look great so far. Don't you just love this time of year when your smoker can double for a refridgerator overnighticon_mrgreen.gif? Are those regular bacon hooks or did you make something to hang with? Can't quite tell from the pics.
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Those are shirt hangers I cut and bent...LOL...Bacon hooks now
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Looks great!!! You cook like me,,, for an army!!!
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heck of a smoke, waitin on the finale!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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8 Hours in and this is what it looks like. Its not where I want it just yet so Im gonna run it for a few more hours....

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Looking good Chris!!!!
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Yummmm Bacon-great color Chris-comming along just fine.with the mass of the BB I can see it taking a lil longer.
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Got it out of the smoker after 11.5 hours. It turned out really good, even the misses likes it. I fryed up a few pieces of both the Canadian and the Buckboard. Im gonna let it it sit in teh fridge for a few days before I slice it and feeze.. I will get some sliced up pics as well in a few days..Thanks for looking..Im gonna trim up the butt halves once Im ready to slice it and use the odd pieces for beans and such.......The Plywood smoker worked like a champ..I did learn one thing..You have to kick up the burner for a second to get the wood to smoking and then crank it back down to just a light flame

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OMG, Chris, that stuff looks sooooooo good!
Wish I was there to help you sample it !

Well deserved-------->points.gif

Don't forget Qview of the huge piles of sliced up bacons & the delicious ends too!

Hungry Bearcarver
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That looks awesome!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I need to give the bacon thing a try biggrin.gif
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Well all things come to an end.....

Bought a slicer from Basspro today. It did good but I think they designed it for cutting strawerries or peanut butter because 50 pounds of bacon was givin it fits. Sliced it and vaccumed packed into 1.5 pounds packs...

I cut the hanging pieces off and packaged those to use for seasoning in beans and such....Hope everyone enjoyed the post.....Snack Sticks and Jerky are coming up shortly

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Man - great job on both. I know that was a ton of slicing after going through my bacon project.

I think I'll try having it almost frozen before I slice my next batch. Soaking some CB now.

Thanks for sharing.
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Gosh dang berrie slicers.....Must have bears as relatives themmfolks...

Looks real good...points.gifbut you already gotem..Real nice....

Whiskey road my friend...........
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Great job Chris, the bacon and CB look outstanding.
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I love it Chris !
Bacon Wonderland !
Now I feel tired like your slicer-----I must be dehydrated from all the drooling.icon_cool.gif

Drooling Bearcarver

PS: I gave you points earlier, but with that much bacon you deserve more !
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Go big or go home!
That looks like a great batch of bacon. Congrats
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Wow.....that's all I have is...WOW icon_smile.gif
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that is a lot of meat my friend
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Now that is a LOT of bacon. Looks awesome!

points.giffor the effort and the great results.

Now about that slicer. Santa brought me a LEM 7.5" that looks exactly like that. I'll never put it to that kind of test, but should I take it back before I mess it up?
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Thanks Dude.... The brand on my slicer is a High Country from Bass Pro..LEM makes a nice product from what I understand so you shoudlnt ahve any issues....

I just finished slicing 15 pounds of beef and 15 pounds of deer for jerky and it did OK just under powered and the slide for the table is too short....But it did the job

By the way....You forgot to add the points!!!!!biggrin.gif
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