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First Smoked sausage

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ok I gonna give it a try got the smoker heating up, a pan of hickory chips is getting warm in there. IF they turn out I will ad qview, (if not , if there are no pics it didnt happen) Ok qview added from a little push froom BBQ Engineer.
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Oh come on now! If it fails, it makes you look...well...normal like everyone else. I guarantee I have not had amazing success with every smoke. That is how we all improve. Mrs. Engineer is still gagging at the meatloaf I destroyed. Now that was a disaster.

Hope the sausage turns out great and we get to see it.
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Ok I will add the pics i think they were in too long the skin split a little. but the smokey bacon wrapped sausage stuffed mushrooms came out really good.
First the smoked sausage.

and now the mushrooms.

please just throw money thanks..
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Sausages looked tasty to me but not being there to taste one you will have to seal and ship a link to me so i can be sure.

Now what was the deal with those shrooms Sausage stuffed, sounds good, smoked, sounds even better, bacon wrapped well I'm a fan!
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Nice job Dan. Did you make the sausage or just smoke them? and those shrooms look out of this world!! thanks for the Q-view.
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They look Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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the smoked bacon wrapped sausage stuffed mushrooms.
I took the stems out of the mushrooms sprinkled the inside with garlic powder then added spicey sausage wrapped in bacon I put them on a coookie sheet and smoked for about an hour and a half. (just a guess at the time i didnt pay much attention to the time on that one)
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DanJ, nice qview!! I did as you requested and tossed some change in your direction. I guess you didn't want it cuz it bounced off the 'puter screen and into the keyboard. biggrin.gif
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