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Finishing sauce question

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I want to use the finishing sauce in the sticky but can not find Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning. What is a good alternative to this?

Also has anyone tried Lawry's chicken & Poultry Rub that you can get at Sam's Club. I am thinking of giving it a try with a few extra ingredients.

Thanks in advance
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I was unable to find it too so i made up a batch from a different recipe I found.
I'll send it to you, just be aware it calls for "Accent" in the recipe which you can find in almost any shopping center, accent is nothing more than MSG with another name.
Now MSG is no worse for you than salt, I was just giving a heads up because most folks don't have a shaker of MSG in their seasoning cabinets like I do but it comes in handy.
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Yes they dont make the cajun one anymore as its not on their website, so i just used the creole one i think thats what it is?
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I just used a different brand cajun seasoning that I happened to have...Luzianne's. I've heard its not quite as good as Chacheres, but the finishing sauce was excellent so I'm not sure it matters that much. I have yet to try the Lawry's rubs, but I've heard they're good.
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Fire It Up- Shop-rite sells Tony Chacheres. I thought that stuff was sold across the country, my sister first tried it out west, either Texas or Olk.
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Old Bay would probably be close - mayby not as much chayenne.
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I use both old bay and tonys. They are not anywhere near the same. But since you asked about Tony chacheres , I just happen to have the recipe for tonys creole seasoning. This comes straight from m r. tonys cook book.

1 -26 oz box mortons salt
1.5 oz black pepper
2 oz cayanne pepper
1 oz garlic powder
1 oz chilli powder
1 oz msg (accent)
This is all that is in tony's
I also add 1 oz onion powder when i make it
You can add 1 tsp each, powdered thyme , bay leaf and sweet basil when seasoning seafood.
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Now I like the rub thats Eman has there to show you. Then if you still want a rub like Old Bay then why don't you use the Old Bay rub they make one and it's really really good I use it all the time.
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