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Any Idea's Tips or a Sticky for my first beef product on the smoker

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Hello All,

Thank you for walking me through my first ribs. Any tips on the first 'beef' I should try?

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Probably the best for a first try would be a chuck roast. They're pretty forgiving and taste so good.
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Bassman, Thank you. Now, in Canada they name everything technical terms so, what would I be looking for at say COSCO? What would the other names for a Chuck Roast be?

Also, is there any guidelines time, rub, method?

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Chuckie sounds like a great option, though they can have a tendency to take a while so be prepared for that.
Not sure what they would call it in Canada, should still be under chuck roast.
You can do anything with them you want as far as rub.
I have injected them with honey, spicy rubs, peppered rubs, and my favorite dish is smoked Italian beef sandwiches.
Here's a link to an Italian beef thread...

Or you could always go for it and attempt a brisket, but they aren't quite as forgiving as other meats...
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Oh my God that looks amazing!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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A chuckie is a really good choice for beef. But I would if you are feeling more comfy with you smoker I would jumb right on up with the Brisket. It's along smoke and it is very forgiving also. You would just trim off alittle of the excess fat (I leave on a good amount) some say to trimm it to 1/4" but I don't. Then just rub it and throw it on the smoker and hang on it's gonna take a good handful of hours. So you can make your mind up and we will be here again as always. Go smokin.
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Hey there! Thank you, I better walk before I run, I have only done ribs thus far and they are only 6/10 in my opinion but again, I have only done them once!
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actually the easiest beef smoke... imho, cause its not a long drawn out smoke, just take it to desired temp which is much much lower than a brisky or even a chuckie... would be a prime rib roast. probably the most feared of all to smoke but really the easiest. salt, pepper, garlic paste is all you need for seasonings. smoke over a pan of broth and catch all the drippings. smoke to 130-135 and remove, foil and wrap in towel and let rest. defatt the drippings and reheat them, slice roast and serve with drippings.
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Or if you don't want to spend quite as much, a tri-tip roast would be a good idea...
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Although, if you want a smoke that will only run you a few hours I love doing eye of round roasts to medium rare, just enough time to give great smoke flavor, creat a nice little crust and make a gravy out of some smoked beef broth added at the same time...delicious.
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London broil is also very easy, inexpensive and doesn't take too long. Cook it to 135* internal and slice it up - it's great on sangwiches or in fajitas.
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Anybody ever try flank steak?
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If your really want easy you can always do a meatloaf. . .
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I think you might like to try beef ribs if you thought your pork ribs were 6/10 then this would be a good chance to hone the ribs before you move on.

Also the cost is much less than a roast.

Love that smoker BTW looks like mine in charcoal mode
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Again, you always provide me with so many great ideas. Now the hard part, deciding on which one.
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